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Lost girls

Hawkins is part of a network of RCMP and provincial police officers fighting against sex-trafficking in the city. Day in and out, he looks for trafficking victims and their pimps. Its a busy job.The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof. The region is a hotspot for Ontarios sex trade. Wedged in between Toronto and Niagara Falls, Kitchener is a perfect pit stop for eager johns traveling to either nearby destination. Its location is well-suited for pimps, too: hotels dot Hwy. 8 near the city, ready-made rendezvous for pimps who shuffle unwilling women along a trafficking loop that connects Hwy. 401 with Queen Elizabeth Way. Every point is hit, so long as supply and demand calls for it, a human conveyer belt that stretches from the Greater Toronto Area, to Kitchener-Waterloo, to London, and then on to Windsor. Pimps also work along highway 403 going through London,Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. Hamilton, and Niagara Falls. 

Sitting in his office in Cambridge, Ont. just outside of Kitchener Hawkins explains the differences. The first post he clicks on is for a blonde woman listed as early twenties, though she looks older. Her camera phone is visible in the photos, showing that she took them herself. For better or worse, this is classified as voluntary, not trafficking. He clicks on the next one. A tiny blonde girl in underwear appears on the screen in front of him. Her back is towards the camera as she leans against the wall of a hotel room. Her body looks teenaged, and she didnt take these photos alone. He says he would call the young girl on the screen or visit her hotel. 

Sadly, Hawkins says many women and girls who are exploited often slam doors in his face or become defensive. They are living in a world of fear, he adds. If they do agree to talk, he will try to get a statement and then refer them to victim help services, such as the Hamilton Ont.-based organization Walk With Me. (There are no such services in Kitcheners region.) There is no standard work week. Along with his own sleuthing, tips from other police, hotels, and social groups come in daily. From there, it is the grind of investigation and due-diligence, whatever he can do to make an arrest. 

The federal government defines human trafficking as forcing someone to provide labour or sexual services for the profit of the perpetrator. Prostitution on the other hand, is the consensual exchange of sex for money and is legal in Canada so long as the sex worker is not soliciting the public and is not being pimped out. Oftentimes,We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the cleaningservicesydney. when girls walk the streets, human trafficking looks identical to prostitution. Hawkins describes prostitution as having two tracks: the high track, and the low track. The latter usually centres on addiction, where women exchange sex for drugs. Sometimes the price tag is as low as $20. Downtown Cambridges prostitution scene shows this track: a dirty mattress next to the Grand River gets a lot of attention and a building with a sign reading Lindas Gift Shop is not a gift shop, but a place for those involved in the sex trade. This is not where trafficked victims linger. 

The high track is where you will find the lost girls. Its where women dress the part and advertisements label them escort. They work the hotels or street corners. In the high track, as Hawkins calls it, two girls might stand on a corner. One of the women entered prostitution on her own. The one who stands next to her, dressed nearly identically, works the streets servicing johns because if she doesnt, shell be beaten. She works under a pimp who will threaten her or her family. To keep her there, he may have moved her to a different city, away from her support system. If he needs to, he will even destroy her government documentation. He will continue to move her every few days, both to lessen his chances of getting caught and to maximize clientele. Sex workers often have pimps, too, to whom they owe a cut of the money; a trafficked girl hands over almost everything. 

Canadas borders host warnings of fines and prison stays for trafficking; we are still a main source for child-sex tourism. Trafficking is a patient, sneaky crime. It exists when a plane of handpicked statuesque girls with false documentation make their way through customs, claim their luggage and then disappear. Eastern European countries are easy targets. Political instability there has led to poverty-stricken households, each member of the family desperate to save the others. They think they are on their way to a promised job maybe as a nanny or waitress or modelone that never existed. This is called transnational human trafficking. The RCMP, however, has found that the majority of sex slaves in the country are Canadian by birthas of April 2012, 90 percent of convicted cases or cases before the courts were domestic. 

It was a demand she couldnt meet. One day, in her first year of university, her biology partner convinced her to visit a nearby strip club on a study break. Inside, the server told her she could make hundreds nightly. The next day, Jasmine started as a server. She stayed there for a year, until an underage drinking penalty force the club to close. Another waitress suggested they strip at another club to keep their income. When Jasmine started serving, the idea of stripping disgusted her. After a while, though, that feeling dulled.The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof. Many of the strippers were working to put themselves through law school or make money while earning their PhDs. At 21, she felt that if she had an end goal like the other girls, it was okay. After a month at a club in Windsor, the good money acted as a lure to Toronto strip clubs. There she met the man who would become her trafficker. 

They had a drink. He was charming. He told her that he was a pimp, but that he was the kind who rescued girls, got them a house, and got them on their feet. I didnt fully know what a pimp was because I come from northern Ontario, a small town, she says. Its pretty sheltered and very clueless. They started dating. He said all the right things, she says, mentioning marriage and kids. He even paid her rent at her Toronto condo and gave her a car to commute to school. She even started working at TD Waterhouse, a step toward quitting the strip clubsor so she thought. 

He started small. There were always other girls around, ones he had working in the strip clubs and doing extras: sex, blow jobs, and hand jobs. He kept telling her how much the girls were making, slipping it into conversation. He would say a girl made $3,500 the night before. Or, he would get a girl to tell her about making $10,000 in just one night; Jasmine made $1,000 from dancing. This subtle manipulation worked. Almost six months after meeting him, she was doing extras in the clubs. The first time was traumatizing. Afterwards, her pimp beat her,More than 80 standard commercial and earcap exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. choked her, and called her a dirty whore. He forced her to have sex with him without a condom. I was balling and screaming saying I never wanted to have sex ever again, she says, and he just kept touching me, and choking me and telling me to shut up. He opened my mouth and spat in it. 

She didnt stop, though, and it got worse. Her pimps control tightened. He required her to put her money from the extras in a drawer. He would dictate how much she could spend, reminding her they were saving to buy a house. She told herself it was managing finances. There were other things, though. He wouldnt let her look at another black man; she had to keep her eyes down. She had to say yes not yeah and get good grades. The house had to be spotless. She had to shower three times a day. Only white linens were allowed on the bed. He would also take her to family events and cook her wonderful Haitian food and teach her to dance. Then all of a sudden the next day, she says, for no reason, he would just beat the shit out of me.
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