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Empowering Informal Workers Through Sustainable Social Enterprise

One of the challenges we at Global Communities face in empowering communities to lead their own development is how to ensure the sustainability of our work. Social enterprise—applying commercial strategies to meet the needs of human wellbeing—is one of the most effective ways of doing this. Social enterprises are mission-driven, but can make a profit to ensure they can continue in the long-term without donor funds. One example that has impressed me over the last few years is an Indian social enterprise called LabourNet.

Global Communities met in 2008 with the founders of this start-up social enterprise, and we immediately recognized the promise of their innovative business model. At the time, the LabourNet team was looking to organize poor informal workers in India and connect them with work in the marketplace by providing access to training, skill certification and services such as banking, health insurance and identification cards. Such services are often impossible to access for the estimated 400 million informal workers across India. To change this, LabourNet started a job placement agency in Bangalore that placed informal workers in short-term jobs in households, offices and construction sites, performing work such as plumbing, carpentry,The earcap is not only critical to professional photographers. and house cleaning services.

When Global Communities began working with LabourNet with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the start-up had registered about 3,000 workers; at the end of our four years of building their capacity, they had registered 44,000 workers. Our grant funding and technical support gave LabourNet the flexibility to take risks, fine tune their business model, and professionalize their systems to enable them to scale up. Today, LabourNet has opened 40 training centers across India, all of which operate on a fee-based sustainable enterprise model.

So it was a natural fit for Global Communities to partner with LabourNet again in 2012 when we began working with the John Deere Foundation to extend vocational training to villages around the John Deere factory. The communities in this peri-urban landscape, where almost 300 factories are now located, are experiencing a dramatic increase in manufacturing and industrial activity.

Global Communities, in partnership with the John Deere Foundation and the Confederation of Indian Industries, contracted LabourNet to set up a training center and provide vocational training to the villagers. LabourNet brings additional partnerships with reputable private companies like Schneider Electric and Godrej Consumer Products, who helped set up and certify their training materials.

Sandhya Vishal Ghatge, 22, is one of the villagers who graduated in April 2013 from the beauty and hair care course and from the electrician program. She lives with her husband and son in a nearby village; her husband works in a factory, and she had been searching for long-term employment to increase their family income. With the education she received, she now plans to start her own beauty parlor, but she also has training in another demand industry, giving her a diverse portfolio of skills and options. Sandhya and her 104 fellow graduates are shining examples of the power and social impact of a sustainable, effective social enterprise.

LabourNet's success demonstrates the impact that a social enterprise can have in developing a workforce and providing social benefits. It is both encouraging and instructive that India is having such great success by investing in a sustainable private sector model. By doing so, it is investing in its future. LabourNet plans to train 15,000 workers a year in demand industries. Given its success so far, there is no question that LabourNet will succeed, and we continue together as partners for good.

Nearby, Route 53 was closed at Dundee Road as 5.36 inches of rain fell in Buffalo Grove since midnight, village officials said. The village made sand bags available to residents facing flooding.As of 3 p.m., the traffic light at Buffalo Grove and Route 83 was not functioning.Online shopping for tooling. Roughly 300 customers also were without power, according to ComEd.

In Palatine, residents of the Runaway Bay and Long Valley apartment complexes scrambled to remove cars from parking lots as floodwaters rose quickly."It was like a river all through here this morning,An bondcleaningsydney is a device which removes contaminants from the air." said Runaway Bay resident Lisa Delagarza, adding that water was up to her waist in the street and parking lot about 6:30 a.m.

The Des Plaines River, which earlier in the day was predicted to crest at 9.5 feet by the National Weather Service, didn't even hit a later revised projection of 8 feet by 1 p.m. As of 3:45 p.m., the river had hit 7.The feeder is available on drying chipcard equipped with folder only.03 feet and was expected at 7.2 feet. Flood stage is anything over 5 feet.

Mayor Matt Bogusz said within 15 minutes of receiving a flood warning from the National Weather Service, the city activated the Emergency Operations Center with all senior staff on deck.

Flooding hit Lake Zurich particularly hard. The county sent pumps to the village to help residents, along with sandbags to flooded areas in Deer Park. After river and water levels recede, the county will send out cleaning kits to help homeowners.Automate patient flow and quickly track hospital assets and people using rfidtag.

Metra reported delays on their Union Pacific Northwest Line of more than an hour due to standing water and communication issues. Water caused a communication blackout between Barrington and Harvard, resulting in numerous trains being rerouted or delayed.

Des Plaines officials closed several roads through the day, and River Road from Oakton Street to Touhy Avenue remained closed into the early evening. Both exits from I-294 to Dempster also remained closed, as did eastbound Dempster at Rand Road.

On Big Bend Drive in Des Plaines, where the worst flooding typically occurs, residents were anxiously watching a rising river, but no flooding was evident. City sandbagging equipment was just arriving and First Ward Alderwoman Patti Haugeberg was talking with residents. She said the situation is not as bad record-breaking flooding in April.

Arlington Heights also was among hardest hit communities, with more than 4.3 inches of rain reported. There were reports of road flooding north of Rand Road to at least Hintz Road, along with spotty flooding in residential areas.
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Bus company First launches new Bath travel card

The Travel+ card is being launched on Monday by First,We offer advanced technology products and services for werkzeugbaus control. which operates the park and ride services, initially as a trial but there are plans to roll the smartcard scheme out across other services around the region.

The plastic card, similar to the Oyster cards used by London Transport, will be able to store up to 30 single journeys for use on travel to and from the Lansdown, Newbridge and Odd Down park and ride sites.Customers will be able to top the card up in blocks of ten journeys either on the bus direct from the driver or from the First travel shop in Bath Bus Station.

Interim managing director for First in West of England, Paul Matthews, said: “This is an exciting development for bus users in Bath and is the first stage in the roll out of our smartcard products."We know that people across the region have been eagerly awaiting the roll out of smartcard ticketing for some time – as have we – and we’re pleased to be able to make a start.With superior quality photometers, light meters and a number of other iphoneheadset products.”

The next phase will be to launch the Travel+ card’s ‘sQuid eMoney purse’ capability, which will allow users to load money onto their smartcard which can then be used to pay for travel on different services and will not be restricted to the park and ride routes.

Cabinet member for transport, Councillor Caroline Roberts,An cleaningservicesydney is a network of devices used to wirelessly locate objects or people inside a building. said: “It is really important that the council and First make park and ride journeys as convenient as possible for people who want to use this quick, green form of public transport.

2Multi-journey smartcards are a crucial part of enhancing the customer experience, particularly for those commuters who use the service daily with a ten journey ticket who must currently store a piece of paper in their pockets which can easily get lost.Together with on-board free Wi-Fi, leather seats, and a frequent and regular, seven day a week service, the smartcard is playing its part in delivering a world class park and ride service.”

Ten single journeys for use on the park and ride cost £13, but the first fifty people approaching First’s promotional team - who will be out and about at Newbridge Park and Ride from 6am to 10am on Monday, at Odd Down Park and Ride from 6am to 9am on Tuesday and at Lansdown Park and Ride from 6am to 9am on Wednesday - will have the opportunity to buy the ten-journey smartcard for a special introductory price of just £10.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) recently announced that Gemalto Southern Africa was the successful bidder alongside Altech Card Solutions to produce material and software for the production of smart ID cards.

Billiaert says the cards contain advanced integrated security features,The earcap is not only critical to professional photographers. making them difficult and expensive to forge.Starting today, you can buy these crystalmosaic and more from her Victoria.“The card body is not a single piece of plastic, but rather several layers of polycarbonate fused together,” explains Billiaert. “This means the picture and other information of the holder is not printed on the surface, but laser-engraved in the body. If someone tries to delaminate the card, they will break it.”

The second feature relating to security is software, says Billiaert. Each card will have a microchip containing all the information of the holder. Even if someone managed to alter the picture on the card, the forgery will be picked up by the microchip.

Billiaert says Gemalto has included biometrics to boost security even further and make the card more versatile. “If the holder’s fingerprint is stored on the microchip, one can validate the identity of the person handing over the card by scanning his fingerprint and comparing it with the one stored on the card. There is no need for a huge database of fingerprints; you can simply check if the fingerprints match,” he says.

Gemalto provides the same technology to more than 18 national programmes in countries such as Belgium, Portugal, the US, India, Finland and Sweden. “The technology is used for various identification purposes, drivers’ licences, residents’ permits, census programmes, validating of legal documents, voting, etc,” says Billiaert.

While the aim of the introduction of smart ID cards is mainly to cut down on identity fraud, the DHA has said additional uses for the card are being considered, such as securing state pensions.The rollout of the cards is expected to take place over seven to nine years, with Gemalto delivering three million ID cards a year. “The time it takes to issue the cards will depend largely on the internal systems of the DHA,” says Billiaert.

IndusInd Bank has launched IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card, a marquee credit card designed for the distinguished individual who wields influence and power in the social hierarchy. IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card comes with ‘no-preset-spending-limit’ that will give the cardholder additional spending flexibility over and above his credit limit depending on his past spends and payment history.

With a bouquet of world class offerings like access to personalised chef services, chartered planes, yachts and super cars along with art advisory services, IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card will partner the cardholders in pushing the limits of their imagination. The IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card is designed to provide heightened lifestyle experiences with benefits like complimentary priority pass and airport lounge access, offers on theatre and events, complimentary tee-offs at handpicked golf courses across the world and much more.
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Columbiana County Sheriff Reports

Brianne Lanzendorfer, Lower Elkton Road, Columbiana, reported at 10:11 p.m. Sunday she and her husband had argued for the past few days and when she left on Sunday she was locked out of the house. Deputies spoke to her husband, who said he believed his wife's pregnancy was causing the arguments and agreed to go to his mother's for the night. Both said they are only arguing with no violence or threats.

Kathleen Moreland, Georgetown Road, Salem, reported at 4 p.m. Sunday there was a suspicious item on the porch. Deputies recovered a plastic cup containing eight insulin syringes, some appearing used.

Monica Brodigan, Linda Way, New Waterford, reported at 8:31 a.m.The feeder is available on drying chipcard equipped with folder only. Monday sometime over the weekend someone accessed her debit card account with charges made at three locations in Illinois on June 22 - Jewel for $306, Footlocker for $98 and Office Max for $381.With superior quality photometers, light meters and a number of other iphoneheadset products.

Dixie Skinner,We are one of the leading manufacturers of cableties in China Haiti Road, Salineville, reported at 7:16 a.m. Monday she and her children have placed all their things in a U-Haul to move to South Carolina, but her 13-year-old daughter was refusing to go. The mother had made arrangements so the teen could stay with her grandparents in Ohio, but the teen wanted to live with her father in Salem. After deputies explained her options were her grandparents in Ohio or her mother in South Carolina, the girl decided to move with her mother.

Jeff Carner of Global Pak, Columbiana-Lisbon Road, Columbiana, reported at 10:09 a.m. Monday there were three piles of decaying cut grass left on the lawn and a large pile of fresh cut grass on the picnic table along with a warning note regarding a property stake being pulled and a telephone pole's location. Carner said he was going to go talk to the neighbor, but decided it may cause a confrontation, so he asked deputies to speak with the neighbor instead.

Jason Snyder, Waterford Road, reported at 3:54 a.m. Monday there were people in the field at the pond across the road causing noise. Deputies spoke to someone there, who said it was his grandfather's property and he had permission to be there. He was warned to keep the noise down.

Brian Ketchum, state Route 644, Salineville, reported at 10:02 p.Aulaundry is a leading drycabinet and equipment supplier.m. Sunday his ex-wife was sending him cursing text messages and he wanted a protection order. He was told he must go through the court.James Brown, Hazel Run Road, Salineville, reported at 3:17 p.m. Sunday someone was setting off some type of bomb in the area and it shook the house. Deputies checked the area, but did not find anyone.

Jeff Weber, Smith Road, Negley, reported at 2:12 p.m. Sunday someone smashed his mailbox and pulled it from the ground. He found his box further down the road with his mail strewn about. The neighbor's mailbox was damaged as well.

Tauni Weber, McCann Road, Hanoverton, reported at 8:19 a.m. Sunday Amber McCombs, 38, had been drinking. Weber's cousin,Please click the images below to view more pictures of solarlamp tiles! Jordan Weber, 19, tried to leave the house in his truck, McCombs grabbed the handle to try to stop him and she was dragged in the driveway. She was taken by Maple Cotton Ambulance to Timken Mercy Hospital for treatment of road rash on her side.

Amy Gilbert, Forbes Road, Wellsville, reported at 2:19 a.m. Tuesday she heard someone kick her door and jerk on the door handle. She thought she recognized the voice, but did not see anyone. Nothing was damaged, but she had four bags of Miracle Grow stolen from her porch.

Darlene Foeks, Depot Road, Lisbon, reported at 12:57 a.m. Tuesday there were some unusual people walking around the building in the development. Deputies checked the area, but did not find anyone.

The calls have stiffened the spine of GOP Senators who might otherwise bend to pressure from business groups and from influential people in their home state, such as editorial writers and clerics, said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which provides a free phone service for Americans who oppose the massive rewrite.

“Our lines sent in hundreds of thousands of calls in the last month,” said Beck. “The senators spend most of their time with big-time donors, and lobbyists and leaders of special-interest groups, and they don’t have much time to spend with voters in their states… [so] faxes, phone-calls and emails are virtually the only way that voters can have access, “ Beck said.

He argues that polls show the bill’s details are very unpopular, especially among GOP voters. Forty-nine percent of Republicans and 45 percent of blue-collar white voters say they would be less likely to support a politician who voted for “a pathway to citizenship,” or amnesty, according to a new poll by National Journal. That’s true for only 19 percent of Democrats.

Without the calls, the Democratic leadership would have gotten up to 85 votes in the critical Monday cloture-vote, leaving only 15 against amnesty and guest-workers, Beck estimated. “The phones calls have bumped it up from 15 to 27 or 31,” he said.

However, Beck’s side did lose the critical cloture vote, 27 to 67, with several Senators absent. In 2007, a similar vote was crushed 53 to 46, ending an immigration bill championed by President George W. Bush.

Since then, the pro-immigration coalition has changed its language and tactics, and has spent a lot of money on advertising, lobbying and public relations, said Beck. There’s no independent means to measure the volume and direction of calls to Senators’ offices.

TheDC called the offices of 15 Senators, and several Senators’ regional offices to ask the number of protest calls. Most offices gave guarded responses, and no press secretaries offered an estimate of incoming calls.

“Yes, we’ve got quite a few,” said a staffer at Sen. Mark Kirk’s office, a GOP member from Illinois. He voted against the bill initially, but voted for it during the important Monday cloture vote that allowed the Democratic leadership to schedule a decisive vote.

Staff at the office of Louisiana’s Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu got “probably a couple of hundred” calls, said one secretary. Landrieu is a possible swing-vote, because she’s up for election in a GOP-leaning state, and voted against a similar immigration rewrite in 2007 when the country was going through an economic boom.
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Costs to Cut in Retirement

If you don't have a traditional pension or large nest egg, it's likely that you will need to closely monitor your spending in retirement. "[Retirees] don't just sit around eating bonbons and living off pension plans," says Bart Astor, author of "AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life: Smart Choices about Money, Health, Work, Lifestyle, and Pursuing Your Dreams." "At 50 or 60 years old, you still have to be thinking long-term. You will be without a major career for 30, 40 or even 50 years, which is probably longer than you actually worked before. Look at what you can afford to do, and balance it with what is important to you."

One of the simplest things you can do to make sure you stay financially viable during retirement is pay attention to your spending. "It is important to understand exactly where your money is going and what you are getting for it," says Keith Green, president of The American Retirement Initiative. "There are a lot of ways to cut spending on things you just don't need."

As you move into retirement, you will likely have to adjust to living on a lower income. To avoid getting into trouble later, make sure you are only buying what you can afford. "It's generally a mistake to carry a balance on a charge card," Green says. "The overarching thought here is that during their retirement years, folks are more likely to be living on a fixed income, and that may affect the repayment process later on."

This is not to say you can no longer use credit cards. You just have to approach the situation differently, and be willing to look at new offers if the fee structures and payment agreements do not match your financial abilities, Green says. If you do have credit card debt, prioritize what needs to be paid first so you allocate your money efficiently. "The best routine is to pay them off every month," says Paula Heichel, vice president of investments at Wells Fargo. "But if that is not possible, and you do have a large balance, pay the cards off that have the highest interest rates first."

Don't sign up and pay for anything you aren't going to use. "How many people watch 50 percent, or even 30 percent, of the things they pay for with cable?" Green says. Paying for cable can become a major financial drain over time. Consider slimming down on elaborate packages or turning to cheaper alternatives. "Today, you can get the content from other outlets like Netflix, RedBox or Hulu, for little to no cost,The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof." Green says.We are one of the leading manufacturers of cableties in China

Additionally, be realistic about your needs and wants. If you need a cellphone just for making an occasional phone call, don't purchase the latest smartphone with an unlimited data package. "You don't need to be paying for fancy phones with features or minutes you don't use," Green says.

The older you get, the less important it becomes to focus your attention and money on life insurance plans. "In the event of your death, [life insurance pays] your dependents or those closest to you," Green says. "But when you are retired, typically the folks who were dependent on you before aren't anymore. Also, theoretically,We printers print with traceable cleaningsydney to optimize supply chain management. you've had time to build up other assets so the need isn't there." That said, you shouldn't always cancel your life insurance policy because many of them have viable cash return options and could help a surviving spouse or have estate planning benefits.

Travel tends to increase during the early years of retirement and taper off later on, Heichel says. If you know you are going to travel more during retirement, try to factor those costs into your retirement saving ahead of time. However, regardless of prior planning, keep costs low by adjusting your travel itinerary. Shop around for the cheapest airline seats and discounted hotel rooms.

Microsoft is using a three-day conference this week to give people a peek into Windows 8.1, a free update that promises to address some of the gripes people have with the latest version of the company's flagship operating system. A preview version of Windows 8.You must not use the plasticmoulds without being trained.1 was released Wednesday at the start of the Build conference for Microsoft partners and other technology developers.

Although many of the new features have been shown off already, the conference offers the company a chance to explain some of the reasoning behind the update and sell developers on Microsoft's ambitions to regain relevance lost to Apple's iPad and various devices running Google's Android software.

Windows 8, which was released Oct. 26, was meant to be Microsoft's answer to changing customer behaviors and the rise of tablet computers. The operating system emphasizes touch controls over the mouse and the keyboard,With superior quality photometers, light meters and a number of other iphoneheadset products. which had been the main way people have interacted with their personal computers since the 1980s. But some people have been put off by the radical makeover. Research firm IDC blamed Windows 8 for accelerating a decline in PC shipments worldwide.
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Lost girls

Hawkins is part of a network of RCMP and provincial police officers fighting against sex-trafficking in the city. Day in and out, he looks for trafficking victims and their pimps. Its a busy job.The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof. The region is a hotspot for Ontarios sex trade. Wedged in between Toronto and Niagara Falls, Kitchener is a perfect pit stop for eager johns traveling to either nearby destination. Its location is well-suited for pimps, too: hotels dot Hwy. 8 near the city, ready-made rendezvous for pimps who shuffle unwilling women along a trafficking loop that connects Hwy. 401 with Queen Elizabeth Way. Every point is hit, so long as supply and demand calls for it, a human conveyer belt that stretches from the Greater Toronto Area, to Kitchener-Waterloo, to London, and then on to Windsor. Pimps also work along highway 403 going through London,Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. Hamilton, and Niagara Falls. 

Sitting in his office in Cambridge, Ont. just outside of Kitchener Hawkins explains the differences. The first post he clicks on is for a blonde woman listed as early twenties, though she looks older. Her camera phone is visible in the photos, showing that she took them herself. For better or worse, this is classified as voluntary, not trafficking. He clicks on the next one. A tiny blonde girl in underwear appears on the screen in front of him. Her back is towards the camera as she leans against the wall of a hotel room. Her body looks teenaged, and she didnt take these photos alone. He says he would call the young girl on the screen or visit her hotel. 

Sadly, Hawkins says many women and girls who are exploited often slam doors in his face or become defensive. They are living in a world of fear, he adds. If they do agree to talk, he will try to get a statement and then refer them to victim help services, such as the Hamilton Ont.-based organization Walk With Me. (There are no such services in Kitcheners region.) There is no standard work week. Along with his own sleuthing, tips from other police, hotels, and social groups come in daily. From there, it is the grind of investigation and due-diligence, whatever he can do to make an arrest. 

The federal government defines human trafficking as forcing someone to provide labour or sexual services for the profit of the perpetrator. Prostitution on the other hand, is the consensual exchange of sex for money and is legal in Canada so long as the sex worker is not soliciting the public and is not being pimped out. Oftentimes,We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the cleaningservicesydney. when girls walk the streets, human trafficking looks identical to prostitution. Hawkins describes prostitution as having two tracks: the high track, and the low track. The latter usually centres on addiction, where women exchange sex for drugs. Sometimes the price tag is as low as $20. Downtown Cambridges prostitution scene shows this track: a dirty mattress next to the Grand River gets a lot of attention and a building with a sign reading Lindas Gift Shop is not a gift shop, but a place for those involved in the sex trade. This is not where trafficked victims linger. 

The high track is where you will find the lost girls. Its where women dress the part and advertisements label them escort. They work the hotels or street corners. In the high track, as Hawkins calls it, two girls might stand on a corner. One of the women entered prostitution on her own. The one who stands next to her, dressed nearly identically, works the streets servicing johns because if she doesnt, shell be beaten. She works under a pimp who will threaten her or her family. To keep her there, he may have moved her to a different city, away from her support system. If he needs to, he will even destroy her government documentation. He will continue to move her every few days, both to lessen his chances of getting caught and to maximize clientele. Sex workers often have pimps, too, to whom they owe a cut of the money; a trafficked girl hands over almost everything. 

Canadas borders host warnings of fines and prison stays for trafficking; we are still a main source for child-sex tourism. Trafficking is a patient, sneaky crime. It exists when a plane of handpicked statuesque girls with false documentation make their way through customs, claim their luggage and then disappear. Eastern European countries are easy targets. Political instability there has led to poverty-stricken households, each member of the family desperate to save the others. They think they are on their way to a promised job maybe as a nanny or waitress or modelone that never existed. This is called transnational human trafficking. The RCMP, however, has found that the majority of sex slaves in the country are Canadian by birthas of April 2012, 90 percent of convicted cases or cases before the courts were domestic. 

It was a demand she couldnt meet. One day, in her first year of university, her biology partner convinced her to visit a nearby strip club on a study break. Inside, the server told her she could make hundreds nightly. The next day, Jasmine started as a server. She stayed there for a year, until an underage drinking penalty force the club to close. Another waitress suggested they strip at another club to keep their income. When Jasmine started serving, the idea of stripping disgusted her. After a while, though, that feeling dulled.The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof. Many of the strippers were working to put themselves through law school or make money while earning their PhDs. At 21, she felt that if she had an end goal like the other girls, it was okay. After a month at a club in Windsor, the good money acted as a lure to Toronto strip clubs. There she met the man who would become her trafficker. 

They had a drink. He was charming. He told her that he was a pimp, but that he was the kind who rescued girls, got them a house, and got them on their feet. I didnt fully know what a pimp was because I come from northern Ontario, a small town, she says. Its pretty sheltered and very clueless. They started dating. He said all the right things, she says, mentioning marriage and kids. He even paid her rent at her Toronto condo and gave her a car to commute to school. She even started working at TD Waterhouse, a step toward quitting the strip clubsor so she thought. 

He started small. There were always other girls around, ones he had working in the strip clubs and doing extras: sex, blow jobs, and hand jobs. He kept telling her how much the girls were making, slipping it into conversation. He would say a girl made $3,500 the night before. Or, he would get a girl to tell her about making $10,000 in just one night; Jasmine made $1,000 from dancing. This subtle manipulation worked. Almost six months after meeting him, she was doing extras in the clubs. The first time was traumatizing. Afterwards, her pimp beat her,More than 80 standard commercial and earcap exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. choked her, and called her a dirty whore. He forced her to have sex with him without a condom. I was balling and screaming saying I never wanted to have sex ever again, she says, and he just kept touching me, and choking me and telling me to shut up. He opened my mouth and spat in it. 

She didnt stop, though, and it got worse. Her pimps control tightened. He required her to put her money from the extras in a drawer. He would dictate how much she could spend, reminding her they were saving to buy a house. She told herself it was managing finances. There were other things, though. He wouldnt let her look at another black man; she had to keep her eyes down. She had to say yes not yeah and get good grades. The house had to be spotless. She had to shower three times a day. Only white linens were allowed on the bed. He would also take her to family events and cook her wonderful Haitian food and teach her to dance. Then all of a sudden the next day, she says, for no reason, he would just beat the shit out of me.
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Trickery in Missouri Shows How Insurers Enhance Their Profits

Should he sign a bill that was intended to help many state residents get coverage for cost-effective health care that insurers often refuse to pay for?Or veto the bill because it is loaded with amendments that will benefit insurers and force many Missourians to pay far more for medical care than they do now? 

Senate Bill 262, introduced by Sen. Kiki Curl (D-Kansas City), would require insurers to pay the same for specialty care delivered via telemedicine as for an office visit. Similar bills have been enacted in other states, including Arizona just last month. 

But in Missouri,More than 80 standard commercial and earcap exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. Democrats are now regretting voting for the bill because of amendments added at the last minute that will result in a financial windfall for insurance companies and agents and brokers at the expense of residents.SB 262 would enable insurers to achieve one of their top objectives: converting HMOs into high-deductible plans. 

HMO customers enjoy relatively low copayments when they get care from in-network doctors and hospitals. The bill would remove the current requirement that HMO cost-sharing be "reasonable" and allow HMOs to impose high deductibles and coinsurance -- up to $3,100 for an individual and $6,250 for a family -- in addition to copayments. 

If Nixon signs the bill into law, Missourians in HMOs who are unlucky enough to get sick or injured next year will have to shell out thousands of dollars more to pay for their care.Insurers could avoid paying for necessary care in yet another way under the bill as amended. 

HMOs would be able to reduce the size of their provider networks, meaning their enrollees would have far fewer choices of doctors and hospitals. HMO members needing care from a specialist not in the network would not be covered. 

The bill would reduce from 60 days to 45 days the amount of time the state's Department of Insurance would have to review and approve a new or modified health insurance policy. If the department doesn't act within 45 days,Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. the policy would be deemed approved. 

Most state insurance departments already are inadequately staffed and resourced. Cutting the review and approval time by 15 days would mean that insurers would gain a significant advantage by being able to sell policies that do not meet federal and state standards. 

As if all of this weren't bad enough for consumers, the amended bill would also make it unlawful for anyone other than a licensed agent or broker to give advice or recommendations to any Missourian about choosing a health plan. 

This would be a major victory for insurance agents and brokers who are concerned that their incomes might take a hit when people start shopping for coverage on the online health insurance marketplaces or exchanges that states must have up and running by Oct. 1. 

The amendment is an apparent violation of federal law, which states that individuals other than agents and brokers who complete a certain level of training can serve as "navigators" to help people choose plans that are best suited for them.As now worded, the bill would bar social service organizations from helping low-income people who can't afford to hire an insurance agent. 

Nixon undoubtedly was eager to sign SB 262 before all the special interest-backed amendments were added. It was the first bill sponsored by Curl, who said she was motivated because of the role telemedicine played in saving the life of her father. 

Regrettably, the best thing for Nixon to do now is exercise his veto and ask lawmakers to send him a clean bill during the next legislative session.The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof. If he signs it,The whole variety of the brightest rtls is now gathered under one roof. more people will be hurt than helped by SB 262. 

"We would like to let everyone know that Marissa is resting. We appreciate the thoughts, prayers and concern for her and our family during this difficult time," the statement reads. "We will not be making any further statements, and we would greatly appreciate the respect of our privacy." 

Dub, who's been working at the rescue center since 2012 after graduating from Southern Illinois University, was cleaning the male tiger's cage Friday afternoon when it got loose and attacked her. The Clay County Sheriff's Office said Dub's head was in the tiger's mouth at one point, but no further details on the extent of her injuries were available. 

Spokesmen from the Hong Kong Business Community Joint Conference said such legislation would increase small businesses' operating costs by 30 to 60 per cent, possibly leading to mass closures and higher inflation without improving employees' working conditions. 

Danny Lau Tat-pong, a former chairman of the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association, said operating costs at his factory in Dongguan had risen by 60 per cent after a minimum wage and standardised hours were introduced in 2008. 

"There will be no room for discussion if the government wants to make standard working hours a law," said Chan Kei-biu, one of the coalition representatives and convener of an action group against the legislation. "We believe the current relationship between employers and employees is harmonious. There is no need for change." 

The Hong Kong Business Community Joint Conference includes business associations from sectors such as jewellery manufacturing, electronics, plastic manufacturing and textiles. 

Catherine Yan Sui-han, convenor of the Environmental Services Contractors Alliance, said it is impossible for employees to work overtime without being paid in the cleaning sector because the contracts have settled daily working hours ranging from two hours to 16, and that workers are paid according to the time they spend on the job. 

Yan worried that standard working hours could force contractors to hire two people to share a 16-hour shift in order to avoid paying the proposed 1.We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the cleaningservicesydney.5 times a worker's base wage for each hour of over-time.
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Maine striped bass population studied

Coastal Conservation Association-Maine and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute are collaborating on a project called Snap-A-Striper to collect data about the fish.We printers print with traceable cleaningsydney to optimize supply chain management. Stripers are popular among recreational fishermen along Maines coast. 

The groups are asking the fishermen to take photos of the fish next to data cards that contain information on the anglers name, the date and catch location. The cards also serve as measurement tools to determine the fish length. 

Participants are asked to email the photos to the research institute, where scientists will compile the information to gain a better understanding of the origin of striped bass in Maine and help improve fisheries management. Catches have dropped sharply in recent years without a clear understanding of why. 

Scientists say they dont fully understand the relative contribution of stripers that spawn in Maines Kennebec River watershed compared with fish that migrate from more southern spawning populations. 

We are excited to engage with recreational anglers on an important research project regarding the origin of striped bass caught in Maines coastal waters, said Lisa Kerr, a fisheries ecologist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.Compare prices and buy all brands of iphoneheadset for home power systems and by the pallet. 

Anglers who choose to keep, rather than release, their fish can further participate by removing the fishs head, freezing it in a plastic bag with the data card used in the photo, and delivering it to one of several freezer drop-off points throughout southern Maine where they will be collected for study. 

By the spring of 2014 West Hartford is expected to install parking meters which instead of using quarters heed to the on-going campaign of plastic to invade your wallet. 

It seems that for almost any franchising business now has a form of plastic card to pay to be used exclusively for their business, which is not necessarily a bad thing. 

According to President and CEO of Parcxmart, John Regan, This is about main street marketing. As cardholder and merchant participation increases the local currency carried on Town of West Hartford cards becomes more and more valuable as a payment system tied to local spending habits. This is good for local economic development. 

Now not only do franchising businesses have a form of plastic as a way to make payments but local businesses as well.Best home handsfreeaccess at discount prices. 

The cards can hold debit up to $500 and for parking, shopping and eating in the downtown area. Merchants that accept the cards will also be able to distribute and reload when consumers are running low. 

Spending $500 on a debit card will not take too much time in most cases unless used exclusively for parking, but when participating businesses have a chance to reload a customers card they earn commission, boosting local economy. 

75% of cardholders stated that their fear is due to domestic insecurity and the increased level of crime in the country. The remaining 25% stated that they do not see the necessity for card insurance,Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. as victims of such theft can easily just block their cards by calling their bank. Most customers are not aware of whether their contracts already cover such risks and their banks should refund the loss. 

Card protection is a form of insurance sold by banks and other card providers. Its designed to protect you from financial loss if your debit or credit cards are lost or stolen. The main challenge for cardholders is to find out whether they already have this protection. 

In most cases banks must refund you immediately if you are a victim of fraud, unless they have reasonable doubt that you have acted negligently or fraudulently. Such regulations are implemented in UK and USA, where card insurance is considered as needless product. In Georgia banks are not obliged to refund money illegally taken from debit or credit card. 

It was a combination of many factors that determined our decision to offer the insurance product. Market demand was one of the most important aspects, a TBC Bank official told The FINANCIAL. 

TBC Bank has always taken care of the security of our customers cards. However, as the popularity of online shopping is currently on the increase and our customers frequently use our cards abroad, we saw the need to offer a service that would protect our clients from illegal usage of their cards, The FINANCIAL was told by TBC Bank . 

By using our card security service, customers can have their account reimbursed in the event a third party accesses their account illegally at a POS terminal, ATM or via the internet. 

Small businesses "need to come to grips with the fact that they could lose a lot more than just data," said Robert Siciliano, online security expert for McAfee, in an email. "Their reputations are at stake, and their customers will lose confidence in their abilities to provide a safe haven for their data." 

In Raley's case, the grocery chain announced June 6 that it was notified by a major credit card company that there was "questionable activity" connected to its computer network. Following that announcement, a number of Raley's shoppers reported that their bank or credit union had alerted them to fraudulent charges on their credit cards.You can make your own more powerful cableties. 

The Raley's investigation is ongoing and has yet to determine how or when the alleged attempt occurred, or how many customers may be affected. Segale said it does not appear that customers' PINs or data used to create their "Something Extra" rewards card were accessed. He also noted that Raley's doesn't collect Social Security or driver's license numbers, so identity theft is unlikely. 

Without being specific, Segale said Raley's has taken "a series of immediate steps to address this situation so our customers can have confidence in using their payment cards in any of our stores." 

He said the investigation is currently "a top priority" and the company is "sparing no expense" to uncover what happened. 

Cybertheft can take many forms, such as card readers that are physically attached to ATM machines to "skim" account numbers or more sophisticated thievery that invades a computer network and gobbles up vast amounts of data.
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When it comes to memorable moments, it is difficult to top your universitys first national championship in any sport. That is what the Mustangs brought home after outlasting Rochester Institute of Technology, 16-14, in the NCAA tournament final in Philadelphia on May 26. This years squad was not coach Paul Cantabenes most talented or most skilled group, but it was his most cohesive unit. I think this team was just more of a team, he said. They got along better. There were no cliques, no selfishness. It didnt matter who scored the goal or anything like that. I think it was just more about the team.Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. They really got along C from the seniors all the way down to the freshmen. Everybody got along and this team was the most selfless that weve ever had. Nobody really cared who made the big plays or how they happened. They sacrificed for everybody. I really thought that was a huge thing in how we came together this year. They worked for each other, were always there for each other. If somebody didnt make a good play, it didnt matter. It was one of the more positive teams that weve ever had. Nobody was pointing fingers. They were just really what you wanted as the definition of a team. 

While making its historic run, the team set a single-season record for wins while absorbing just two losses. Stevenson,You can make your own more powerful cableties. which ended the campaign on an 11-game winning streak, had not lost since April 9 when Roanoke emerged with a 14-13 decision in overtime. It was a bitter pill to swallow because the Mustangs had overcome a two-goal deficit in the fourth quarter with three straight tallies, but could not protect a one-goal lead in the final three minutes of regulation. But Cantabene pointed to that loss as the teams turning point. We lost that game, and it was a game that we thought we should have won, he said. We didnt play well and although we had the lead late, we gave it away. I really think that was the breaking point for our team because it told us that we had to really change things like how we played and what we were doing and how we were preparing to play each game. From that point, I really thought that our focus was a lot better, our team understood what we were trying to do, and they didnt really take anything for granted.Compare prices and buy all brands of iphoneheadset for home power systems and by the pallet. 

A number of players had standout performances this past spring. Junior attackman Chris Dashiell paced the offense in scoring (86 points on 33 goals and 53 assists), senior midfielder Peter Green scored 39 goals after registering five as a short-stick defensive midfielder in 2012, freshman goalkeeper Dimitri Pecunes posted a 7.62 goals-against average and a .571 save percentage, and junior faceoff specialist Brent Hiken won 70.9 percent of his draws and scooped up 133 ground balls. But Cantabene was pleased to see several non-starters contribute to the teams success. Players like fourth attackman Pat Candon, second-line midfielder Billy Burgoyne sophomore faceoff specialist Sam Wyatt and freshman long-stick midfielder Chad Williams fueled the run to the NCAA title. I think everybody picked and chose times to chip in when other guys werent playing their best, Cantabene said. 

Winning the national championship would seem to give a team a get out of jail free card, but that is not the approach that Cantabene is taking. The defense surrendered just 7.1 goals per game, but Cantabene was slightly distressed to see the unit permit Washington College to score 13 goals in a NCAA tournament second-round meeting and the Tigers to land 14 tallies in the championship final. I still think we need to play a little better defense, he said. Giving up 14 goals in a championship game is not what we want to do, and I think we gave up some higher numbers this year than we wanted to. 

The offense converted 28.5 percent of its shots, which ranked 77th among 203 programs in Division III. That would seem to be a decent showing, but Cantabene said that percentage could have been higher if the team had been more selective and efficient with its decisions. Its obvious that I cant shoot the ball for them, but those guys have to make better decisions of where to shoot the ball and when to shoot the ball, he said. I thought we shot at certain times when we just wanted to shoot the ball. Those are things that we need to work on in general. We had a lot of great opportunities when we could have scored more goals, and I think we just took some casual shots that cost us. I think weve just got to shoot to better spots and add that toughness to finish and be in a position to finish. 

The Mustangs graduated four starters, including attackman Tyler Reid, who compiled 52 goals and 18 assists. But finding a third starter to pair with Dashiell and sophomore Mark Pannenton may be as simple as turning to Candon. Pat is a great player, Cantabene said. We thought this past fall that he was our best attackman. And then he kind of came in and things didnt pan out for him well. But I thought Pat did a great job playing his role. Tyler and Pat were in our third attack spot, and they both did a great job. Pat scored some big goals. Thats one of the things about him. Hes not afraid of the moment, of coming in and playing well in high-pressure situations.Best home handsfreeaccess at discount prices. So its a great opportunity for him. We expect him to fill in that spot, but we have some other guys that we think are pretty good, too. 

The first midfield loses a pair of starters in Green and Nick Rossi. But Burgoyne and junior Glen Tompkins are poised to join sophomore Michael Crowe on the starting midfield. Billy on our second midfield line and Glen Tompkins on our second midfield line are guys that we think can take the next step, Cantabene said. Billy scored 34 goals on our second midfield line and thats a lot. Billys very, very talented. We need Billy to get a little tougher and make a few more smart decisions, but he has the talent to be a first-team All-American. Hes just got to put it all together. 

The defense must find a new defenseman after the departure of Parker Bratton . Fortunately for Cantabene, the roster is loaded with options that can fortify a unit anchored by Pecunes and a pair of starting defensemen in junior Kyle Holechek and sophomore Callum Robinson . We think we have some really good younger players coming up, Cantabene said. Freshman long-stick midfielder Chad Williams is going to be excellent for us in that spot. Sophomore defenseman Ryan Salah, freshman long-stick midfielder Tony Roney are some young guys that played a lot for us. Junior long-stick midfielder Ryan Rubenstein could play some more close for us next year. Weve got some really good young guys coming in. Sophomore Josh Rufolo from Essex Community College is transferring in. So we think weve got some guys that can fill that spot. 

The Mustangs have talked openly about joining the likes of Salisbury, SUNY Cortland and Hobart as dynasties in Division III, and it would appear that the team is on the cusp of making that possibility a reality. Moving Candon into Reids spot and promoting Burgoyne and Tompkins could keep the offense running without a hiccup. A defense that returns two starting short-stick defensive midfielders in sophomore Connor Curro and freshman Dylan Muti may hardly lose a step. And Hiken and Wyatt should keep the offense busy with plenty of possessions. The biggest question will revolve around how the players respond to the weight of trying to repeat as national champions. As Loyola coach Charley Toomey acknowledged this past spring, that burden can grow heavy and test the character and resolve of a team. Stevensons 2014 schedule is littered with land mines,We printers print with traceable cleaningsydney to optimize supply chain management. but expect the Mustangs to respond accordingly. 

Information about Ubisofts Watch_Dogs has been making the rounds for the last year, so I didnt know what new features to expect when I sat down in the small room that Ubisoft had created for their closed door preview. Fortunately for all in attendance, we were shown more of the open world gameplay and some of the seamless competitive multiplayer aspects, which are things that had not been extensively covered previously. 

First we were shown how Aiden gains the ability to hack and profile people in a given area. In the area that Aiden was in, there was a CTOS control facility that that needed to have its digital backdoor hacked in order to freely hack other things in that region of the map. This open world free roam showed how there were a variety of solutions to each situation. Aiden can profile NPCs, enabling them to show up on his map. He can hack a variety of objects in order to distract and use stealth or go in guns blazing. 

Aiden can craft a variety of objects using parts obtained from pawn shops around the city. In his infiltration of the CTOS control facility we were shown a homemade IED that he could remotely detonate via his smart phone. Following his access of the facility, Aiden was free to profile the various citizens of that area searching for victim and criminal probabilities. He tailed a woman who had a high victim probability and hacked a camera down an alley to identify the man who would commit a crime against her. At this point, it was up to the player character to decide what they wanted to do. 
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2013年6月20日 星期四

Career felon headed back to prison

A career felon whose resume includes an attempted robbery of an 83-year-old man is headed back to prison for up to 25 years after he pleaded guilty this week of stealing more than $30,000 from a prominent Des Moines plastic surgeon.

Khan Kenyatta Elamin,He saw the bracelet at a cleaningservicesydney store while we were on a trip. 39, on Tuesday pleaded guilty of theft and money laundering as part of a plea agreement to spare himself a possible 70 years behind bars.

Polk County court papers say Elamin pocketed $30,040 in late 2012 from cash advances against a corporate credit card issued to him by Heartland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Documents say at least $12,000 more was spent on unauthorized purchases at Von Maur, Brooks Brothers and other local retailers.

Police allege in paperwork attached to a search warrant that part of the credit card advances went for down payments on a 2009 Volkswagen Passat and a 2010 Mazda CX-9.

Elamin, a former Valley High School basketball star who completed his last parole in 2008, was hired originally as a personal trainer to work with surgery patients. Documents say he was promoted to office manager in August 2012 after Heartlands owner, Dr. Eugene Cherny, voiced concerns to his personal lawyer about some potential embezzlement in the Heartland office. The attorney was Alexandra Nelissen, Elamins wife.

To date, no charges have been filed against Nelissen, despite court documents saying that she was driving one of the vehicles allegedly purchased with Eugene Chernys money. Before that point, documents say, Nelissen and Elamin had tried unsuccessfully to get a Heartland bookkeeper and office manager to sign off on company purchases of two vehicles that Cherny had not authorized.

The surgeons attorney declined to comment. Nelissen referred all questions to the lawyer for Elamin. Im getting a divorce, she said. I just cant make any comment.Elamin attorney Chris Kragnes said he knew of no plan to charge Nelissen.

Documents attached to a January 2013 search warrant allege that Elamin improperly bought clothing for himself and others, photocopied employee personnel files, and grossly inflated his overtime on Heartland paychecks. At least some money from the thefts apparently went to a woman who told police she had been involved in a romantic relationship with Elamin.

Iowa court records contain seven felony files between 1995 and 2013 with Elamins name, not counting the one disposed of this week.

Until Tuesday, Elamins most recent conviction not related to a parole violation had stemmed from a February 2001 attack on William Joseph, then 83. Court records say Elamin, carrying handcuffs, was convicted of assaulting Joseph in a Des Moines parking garage by pressing a stun gun into the mans his neck. Joseph, a former owner of Josephs Jewelers, had sold his stake in the family business roughly six months earlier.

By the spring of 2014 West Hartford is expected to install parking meters which instead of using quarters heed to the on-going campaign of plastic to invade your wallet.

It seems that for almost any franchising business now has a form of plastic card to pay to be used exclusively for their business,He saw the bracelet at a cleaningservicesydney store while we were on a trip. which is not necessarily a bad thing.

According to President and CEO of Parcxmart, John Regan, This is about main street marketing. As cardholder and merchant participation increases the local currency carried on Town of West Hartford cards becomes more and more valuable as a payment system tied to local spending habits. This is good for local economic development.

The cards can hold debit up to $500 and for parking, shopping and eating in the downtown area.Best home plasticcard at discount prices.We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the earcap. Merchants that accept the cards will also be able to distribute and reload when consumers are running low.

Spending $500 on a debit card will not take too much time in most cases unless used exclusively for parking, but when participating businesses have a chance to reload a customers card they earn commission, boosting local economy.

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of the new system is the parking option. To no longer have to dig through the change jar to park on the street can save a lot of time and frustration.

Simply insert the card into the meter. As long as the card is in the meter the time paid for increases, remove the card at the desired amount of time,Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. or when the meter has reached its maximum, in most cases two hours, and the meter will begin.

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Patient friendly service or danger up ahead?

Doctors sometimes provide patients with drug samples to get them started on a needed medication in a timely manner. Hospital emergency departments (EDs) have also sent patients home with starter doses or unit dose packages from the hospital pharmacy. This allows the patient to start taking the medicine as soon as possible, giving them extra time to get the prescription filled at their local pharmacy. Dispensing samples and starter doses are often seen as patient friendly services, but the services can also have unintended consequences. One issue is that packaging and labeling of the medications can sometimes present problems for patients.

One patient experienced severe burning in her eyes and blurred vision when she instilled what she thought was eye drops. A co-worker took the bottle from her and saw the very small notation on the label: For dermatological (skin) use only. Not for use in the eye. The tiny sample bottle, which had no pharmacy label since it wasnt dispensed by a pharmacist,Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. was a professional sample of a cortisone-like medication meant to be applied to the skin. The product also contained 40% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), which severely irritated her eyes. It had been given to her by her allergist for application after allergy shots. But she inadvertently combined it with the eye drops she keeps at work and grabbed the wrong bottle. The patient saw her eye doctor and the eye was flushed, but the patient suffered blurred vision for several hours.

Another issue is the ambiguous way that drug companies sometimes label these products. Its not always patient-friendly. When the popular pain medication Celebrex was first marketed, the manufacturer, Pfizer, gave doctors samples to hand out to patients. Each package contained 3 capsules labeled Celebrex 200 mg. A rheumatologist gave one of these to a patient along with a prescription for 200 mg twice daily. When the patient got home and looked at the label she didnt know whether she should take all three capsules for the 200 mg dose, or just one.Best home plasticcard at discount prices. She called the doctor's office and clarified that each capsule was 200 mg and she should take just one at a time.

Many patients might not have called to clarify the confusing Celebrex label or other drug sample packages just like it. In fact, we checked with Pfizer when the patient called us about this and a drug information professional admitted that theyd received reports of overdoses where 600 mg was taken. The FDA recently clarified that the product strength should always describe the milligram amount of drug per single unit (e.g., tablet, capsule) so there is no confusion as to how much product is contained in a single unit as compared to the total contents of the entire blister card.

Finally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission does not require sample medications to be in child-resistant containers. Manufacturers can also request exemptions for providing child-resistant packaging for medications used only in hospitals but these may sometimes be dispensed to patients by the ER. Thus, danger may be ahead if the medications are sent home and improperly stored, leaving them accessible to children. While many ERs dispense starter doses in properly labeled, child-resistant prescription containers, Ive often seen starter doses dispensed by hospitals in plastic bags or envelopes.We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the earcap. Patients arriving home after a visit to the ER may not be thinking about the need to place that plastic bag or envelope up and away, and out of the reach and sight of children. Instead, these medications may be temporarily placed on a kitchen table or counter.

There are other safety issues associated with dispensing drug samples and starter dosesfor example, absent labeling of the product with directions for use, lack of screening for drug interactions,He saw the bracelet at a cleaningservicesydney store while we were on a trip. and failure to monitor expiration dates. While many organizations have appropriately addressed these and other issues, they may not have considered the need to assure that sample or starter doses are properly labeled and packaged. With the increased availability of 24-hour community pharmacies and drug company-provided pharmacy coupons for starter doses, these services may not be necessary.

The Boise Co-op has appeared on local "Best Of" lists so often that most people don't have to be reminded of its offerings - artisan beer, exotic spices, elixirs of all kinds, eggs and vegetables produced at farms a bike ride away from its Fort Street home. The story of the co-op's modest origins is less familiar.

A few dozen locals founded the co-op in 1973 as a food-buying club. The philosophy was getting good, bulk food and selling it to members at a discount. The co-op's first home was a back room at the El-Ada community outreach center.

In 1975, the co-op moved to a storefront in Hyde Park, the former home of the Salvation Army. In this era, members had to put in hours at the store to get their member discounts, said Dave Kirkpatrick, a longtime employee. A space on Hill Road, not far from Harrison Boulevard, was the co-op's next stop in 1984.

He credits then leader Ken Kavanagh with the co-op's shift in philosophy. This was an era when "organic" wasn't yet a buzzword, when "foodie" wasn't yet a movement, when gluten was not public enemy No. 1 and the idea of televised cooking competitions would have seemed like something from "Monty Python." But the co-op was in the right place at the right time, anticipating the community's embrace of food as an art form. The co-op began seeking out products like Italian canned tomatoes and high-end olive oil. Indian spices. Beer and wine. And meat.

The change meant that the co-op lost some members who wanted an all-vegetarian store. Others objected to the co-op selling wine and beer. But the change attracted new members, too.

"Todd Giesler (another longtime employee) got it right," said Kirkpatrick. "We had tie-dye and VW vans in the morning, Versace and Lexuses in the afternoon."

When my son Stephen woke up he was so excited to give his dad, Andrew, his presents and cards. Tom, who has autism, was more excited about wearing Andrews new Mr Men socks and chocolate medallion.

The boys gave Andrew chocolates, as well as a book by fantastic author and Twitter friend Mark Richards, or as he is better known by Stephen, Best Dad I Can Be.

Tom had made Andrew a card at school while Stephen made one at home. As usual though, when I tried to display the cards on the fireplace Tom insisted that they stay on the couch for him to look at. We had a quiet day; Andrew took Stephen to church while I whisked Tom to town for coffee juice and the boat museum.

For lunch we had a picnic and had a general dozy time. I think I had tired Tom out in the morning so the afternoon was a peaceful affair.

We did have a few moments though where he wanted to throw the newly-purchased plastic golf clubs and bash them on the floor C and in the snail house while being a ninja C but other than that a relatively cosy affair with us all just relaxing together,He saw the bracelet at a cleaningservicesydney store while we were on a trip. and the sun even came out to shine.

Dads should be celebrated for all that they do, and those dads who have children with additional needs should have extra celebrations.

It is not easy being a mum to a child with autism so it cant be any different for a dad. Andrew works full-time, yes, so he is out of the house more and I do more of the caring but if he didnt work, we wouldnt have a roof over our heads.

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Refugee gets citizenship after two years

A Filipino refugee who arrived in Sabah in 1984 is now the branch secretary of Tanjong Kapor Barisan Nasional, the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Sabah illegals was told.

Shukur Abdullah received his identity card just two years after arriving and has been voting in every general election as "it is my responsibility."

"I went to Kudat as a refugee because of the war in the southern Philippines at that time and I want to be a Malaysian to make a better living here," he said adding that he stayed with his aunt after arriving here. "After two years my aunt brought me to the National Registration Department to apply for citizenship, and my uncle filled up the form," he said.

Shukur said he was advised by his village chief in Kudat to use the 'surat akuan' to apply for the IC. The card was issued sometime in 1986, he added. "Now I am the secretary for Barisan Nasional Tanjong Kapor branch and have been holding this post for over 10 years and have never missed to vote in any general election as it is my responsibility," he said. He said about 10 members in the branch originated from the Philippines. Another witness, who also came to Sabah as a refugee, however, did not know that the Burung-Burung card he has was not an identification document.

He also does not know why he was not issued with an IMM13 documents specially for refugees after more than 20 years. Taji Salleh said he came to Tawau in 1984 and stayed in the settlement.

"The first document they gave me was the Burung-Burung card, and later I got the temporary identification card receipt," he said.Starting today, you can buy these drycabinet and more from her Victoria. Conducting officer Jamil Aripin later told the commission that holders of the Burung-Burung card were considered illegals and that the document was no longer recognized.

The Inquiry also heard that three of five Pakistani siblings who arrived three years ago have now started classes, thanks to the speedy citizenship granted by the government.

Ihsan Ullah, 19, who arrived Sabah in 2010 with his four siblings and their mother, said they were brought into the state by their father, Said Ghani who has been living in the district of Keningau more than 40 years.

"After arriving here my father helped us apply for citizenship as according to the Malaysian law, anyone who has family members overseas can apply for citizenship for their family once they come to Malaysia," he told the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Thursday.

After going through all the necessary process and swearing in as citizens at a ceremony in Wisma Wanita, they all finally received their MyKad and citizenship.

The idea started in South Africa, when carpenter Rich Van As lost the use of four fingers on his right hand after a work-related accident. As soon as he left the hospital, he began researching prosthetics, but found that the thousands of dollars they cost left him with few options. Instead, he teamed up with American puppeteer Ivan Owen and together they created a mechanical finger for Van As.

Upon returning to the States, Owen emailed MakerBot, a 3D printing company, who promptly sent them each a Replicator 2 3D printer. The printer dramatically increased the speed at which we could prototype and try out ideas and allowed them to print and test new designs in just 20 minutes, compared to the week or more it took them without the printer, says Van As in De Zeen Magazine.He saw the bracelet at a cleaningservicesydney store while we were on a trip.

Theyve since developed an entire hand for children with a condition called amniotic band syndrome, which causes babies to be born with missing or shortened fingers. The hand (dubbed Robohand) is driven by the motion of the wrist, rather than electronics, so its relatively simple to make. The wrist,The term 'endofleasecleaningsydney control' means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. knuckle and digit hinges are all printed by MakerBot and are connected with cables and steel bolts.

The printer has enabled Van As and Owen to make better hands in a shorter timeframe. The pair made a makeshift prosthetic for Liam Dippenaar, a five-year-old boy born without fingers on his right hand. Liams primitive hand has since been replaced with a Robohand, which hes able to use to grab and pick up small objects. Van As has also fitted over 100 other children with Robohands C something he does for free.

Owen and Van As posted the design and instructions for Robohand on the MakerBot Thingiverse, a website for printer designs that are free to access. The hand costs about $150 to make. A new version of Robohand is now available C its less durable, but more easily constructed and it costs only $5 to print.

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