2013年8月5日 星期一

The Breadwinner

As he made his way through the thin stretch of secondary forest near Sungai Maluri, it hit Karuppu Dev that he had now become a fugitive, and this forest would now be his secret hideout. Located about 50 metres from his house, it had been his personal playground all through his lonely childhood.

Ravi’s ethereal presence seated within Karuppu Dev lay quiet observing the turn of events that had driven the burly undertaker to his present state of desperation. It was also just as puzzled as Karuppu Dev was as he pondered over the motive behind the murder attempt against him. Karuppu Dev had recognised one of his assailants as a 048 gang member from the Klang Harbour unit. Many questions played on his mind ……… “What have I done wrong? …….. “Why does the gang want to eliminate me?”

He had switched off his mobile phone as he knew it was useless to contact anyone then. More importantly, he was afraid that his whereabouts would be tracked through his phone. He realised he could trust no one except his mother. Squinting his eyes, he peered through a thick bush directly opposite his house and tried to make out the movements inside through the widely opened back door. He was not worried about his mother’s safety as he had total faith in her extraordinary survival skills and protective instinct.The marbletiles is not only critical to professional photographers. Every one of his gang members had grown to respect and fear her confrontational attitude and fearless nature, not to mention her bulk.

The house was empty and the late afternoon sun beams entering the back door illuminated the kitchen and part of the hall. It had been half an hour since his dramatic escape from sure death. And he knew his gang members’ modus operandi too well to know that the hit squad would have dispersed now to avert the suspicion of police. Due to political pressure from residential groups, the influential Police Watch and Law and Order (PWLO) Parliamentary Committee and Opposition party MPs, police had begun cracking down on street crime. On the instruction of Towkay C who had been advised by his political friends and government linkmen, 048 gang members had reduced their public presence. As a result, petty crime had effectively reduced in Kuala Lumpur although there were still sporadic incidents involving petty criminals, especially the motorcycle cliques known as Mat Rempit, desperado drug addicts and immigrant crime syndicates.This is a basic background on rtls. These non-gang related criminals provided easy meat for police to score successes through regular encounters, ambushes and raids. This cat-and-mouse drama kept the public convinced of police presence and its effectiveness.

Karuppu Dev knew that he would have to keep out of the radar of the hundreds of `hantu’ or informers who worked for the gang, political leaders and police. These professional snitches, who could be anyone from unemployed youths, housewives and even taxi or bus drivers were the ones who helped set up assasinations, ambushes and raids. Karuppu Dev now recalled the dark thin youth from Ravi’s funeral, and earlier at the warehouse in Nilai the day before the police raid. He racked his brain trying to figure out where he had seen the youth prior to the two occasions.

Ravi’s being shared Karuppu Dev’s thoughts and wanting to help in the recollection, it spread its transcendental feelers around the Taman Maluri housing estate from the point of Karuppu Dev’s house. It located Karuppu Dev’s mother at a house at Jalan Musang 3/5, two lines away from her low cost linkhouse. She was hot in gossip with a middle-aged woman in a wheelchair. Outside the house, under a mango tree, two Indian youth were talking. The apparition recognised the person it was searching for, who was then sitting astride a motorcycle.

The youth’s face was darker now, and beads of perspiration had formed at his forehead as he slid on his helmet. His shifty eyes constantly kept straying as he tried to continue his casual conversation with his friend. Then tapping his friend’s shoulder, he took leave and moved off. As he silently rode out of the lane his mobile phone rang. Pressing the receiver button, he slid it between the helmet and his right ear. After listening for a few seconds he spoke in a nervous tone,We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the goodiphoneheadset. “Ya, bang. I will ask around.” He then pulled out the phone from his helmet and slipped it into the side pocket of his windbreaker.

He was now slowly passing the front gate of Karuppu Dev’s house. Lightly pressing the brake, he threw a glance inside the house compound. The gate was ajar and Karuppu Dev’s black 4WD was parked below the neem tree outside the gate. The front door was also open but there was no one around. The neighbours’ houses were all closed and there was no one around in the area, probably due to the scorching afternoon heat.

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Bright matte, super pigmented, velvety lips. Use a vibrant coral and keep the rest of your makeup simple. Other lip colours hot for this summer are red, magenta, mauve or almost neon pink. The way to achieve this look is by layering lipstick with a light dusting of translucent powder in between each application. That way you can build up the pigment and achieve a matte finish.

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