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Allegations of police cover-up in deadly Miami shooting

A crowd of mostly blacks and Hispanics was leaving a Miami Beach hip hop festival at 4 a.Our manufactures custom steelnecklace whether you need a short or long production run.m.We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted cleanersydney on canvas. in May of 2011. Police say a blue Hyundai, seen in video recorded by a resident in a high rise, had hit a police officer on a bike three blocks away. It rolled to a stop for a minute when police opened fire.

A dozen officers fired 116 rounds. Twenty-two-year-old Raymond Herisse, hit 16 times, died behind the wheel. Four bystanders were also wounded, including Carlson Saint Louis."You go there for fun, and next thing you know, you get shot," St. Louis says. "You hear gunshots and you're crawling for your life."

At first, police said Herisse shot at them. But three days passed before investigators said they recovered a gun under the Hyundai's front seat. Tests showed Herisse never fired it. And police have not presented any evidence that an officer was hit was hit by Herisse's car.

"They say he was driving on the wrong side of the street," says Marwan Porter, an attorney who is representing Herisse's family. "The tape doesn't show that. They say he was driving recklessly. The tape doesn't show that."

Porter says Herisse was "shot down in cold blood.""This doesn't pass the smell test," he says.Some witnesses say police confiscated cell phones from people who had taken videos of the shooting and the aftermath."It's been over two years, and still today we haven't heard from the police officers," says Charline Herisse, the sister of the man who was killed. "They attacked my brother, and now they are attacking family by not telling us what happened. They need to take accountability for their actions."

Police investigators won't say whether they've questioned the twelve officers involved in the shooting. Herisse's family had to sue Miami Beach to release evidence in the case.Miami Beach police declined our request for an interview, but they did refer us to the mayor's office.

In a statement, the mayor said the investigation prevents making "formal statements" but added, "The city has been diligently working on enhancing policies and procedures throughout the organization to restore the public trust.""We want some kind of closure," Charline Herisse says. "We want to understand what happened and why they used such force."

President Obama was very critical of Kim Kardashian and baby Norths daddy Kanye West. He feels that she and her soon-to-be hubby set a misleading example to the young people of America. Despite Momma Kris Jenner getting her back up at the criticism, she didnt give the president credit for not mentioning Kims sex tape. After all, that was what shot her into the public eye! But with Kims obsession with losing her baby weight,Now it's possible to create a tiny replica of Fluffy in handsfreeaccess form for your office. it could be that her next video will be about losing weight instead of having sex.

The 32 year-old reality TV star has been adamant that she would not step one foot in public before she got her weight down to pre-North dimensions. So when the news hit that she came out with baby North for the cameras, it made us wonder if shed hit that target so quickly or if shed decided that the public did not deserve being Kim-less for so long.

We did notice that her ankles, which got enormous while she carried North, were strategically hidden behind a huge handbag, or diaper bag and high buckskin boots so we couldnt really tell if shes already lost all that weight. But it has been rumoured that Kim is interested in beating Jessica Simpson in the Weight Watchers arena.

Simpson, it seems, made a pretty penny from affiliating her post baby weight loss program with the organisation.Learn how an embedded microprocessor in a graniteslabs can authenticate your computer usage and data. Since, as President Obama so rightfully pointed out, it is all about personal financial gain C and what is wrong with that C with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it would make sense for her to do her own weight watchers type video. It would be an improvement from her first leaked sex tape and not limited to adults only.

Because through all the camouflage type clothing she was wearing when she met up with Kanye, she does look thinner. But then black does make one look thinner does it not, and black trousers were the order of the day.

Sadly, little North was draped in her small basket so cameras could not get a proper shot of the baby. It is likely that Kim wants to save the big reveal for her television show. She hasnt even let grandma Kris show off baby North on her show, so she definitely would not let the paparazzi take snaps of her.

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But it must be said, that black slimming trousers aside, Kim does look very slim and trim so shes obviously put a lot of effort into losing that baby weight. With that sort of success, she may well be able to give Jessica Simpson a run for her money as a Weight Watchers super earner by coming out with her own weight loss video. And while it probably will not be as popular as her leaked sex tape, it will probably earn a pretty penny just because its been released by Kim Kardashian. Everyone will want to follow her lead, if you dont believe us, just ask the president.
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