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Martin Audio MLA Delivers Power

3G Productions, Inc. recently provided audio for the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) festivals in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Their PA systems included a Martin Audio Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) to provide the power and coverage they needed inside the venue while controlling noise spillage to surrounding residential areas.In business for nine years, 3G has quickly become a leading force in the rapidly growing world of Electronic Dance Music events, providing audio for numerous large festivals every year. The three-day Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 was the culmination of Insomniacs EDC festivals with eight of the worlds Top 10 DJs, and more than 200 acts performing on seven stages for over 350,000 attendees at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

The combination of several stages producing hours of high SPL dance music in urban locales adds up to unique challenges for 3G. As Marketing Director Keith Conrad points out, EDC events are really unique because theyre all in large open-air areas that arent necessarily traditional venues for concerts such as stadiums or amphitheatres. Theyre in parking lots or racetracks, so the ability to control the sound is extremely important. A big reason why we looked at the Martin Audio MLA system was to control SPLs in areas surrounding the venue.We also need a lot of bass, so the amount of subs we have on any one show is unheard of, Keith continues.More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. Plus youre doing multiple stages within one area at the same time, which is all about the configuration of the stage in terms of the coverage and direction of the loudspeakers. 

3G senior system engineer and designer Julio Valdez, a specialist in EDM events, provides more specifics: I get site plans before the event for the areas that have to be covered so I can design systems suitable for what the client (Insomniac, who produces EDC and major dance events worldwide) needs, which is mostly to provide a whole lot of power and have the system sound good.Then we go to the location and make sure all of the techs have everything they need to complete the build and address the changing needs of DJs, artists and other performers. Sometimes we have to submit designs to DJ management for approval. 

Finally, I lay out the stages so they dont have too much of an impact in terms of nearby homes. We have people walking around with dB meters before the show determining whats acceptable at certain distances from the stage and referencing those SPLs at Front of House. 

The typical Martin Audio setup for EDC consists of a main hang of16 MLA and two MLD downfill cabinets per side with a massive complement of 32 MLX subs ground-stacked across the front of the stage. 12 MLA Compacts per side are used for outfill, and 8 MLA Compacts plus 4 ground-stacked MLX subs per side are used for delays. AVID Venue Profile mixing consoles and Lake loudspeaker processing are also part of the setup.Given that the New York and Chicago EDCs are held at the Citi Field parking lot and the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois, respectively, which are smaller and closer to residential areas, were there very different requirements for those two shows than Las Vegas? 

No, offers Julio. It really all comes down to getting as much power out to the audience as we can with as little sound out to the neighborhood as possible, which is a constant struggle. And, with that in mind, its definitely been helpful to have the kind of control that Martin Audios MLA is capable of giving us.Power is impressive coming out of the MLA,Of all the equipment in the laundry the oilpaintingreproduction is one of the largest consumers of steam. its definitely mind-boggling when you see the size of the rig thats out there and the output you get from the system. In terms of sound quality, its very consistent and, as intended, one can really tailor the sound to what they want and MLA will do it. 

Considering that each stage at EDC features hour-long sets by up to eight DJs a night, do the artists have widely differing requirements in terms of the PA?Just like bands, the DJs carry engineers who are responsible for their sound, says Julio. And each one has different tastes and opinions about loudspeakers, but weve been able to satisfy them with MLA. Its worked very well. A lot of guys who hadnt heard MLA were definitely impressed. 

Fortunately for 3G, Las Vegas doesnt present as many problems with noise complaints because the Speedway is quite a ways out of town, with only Nellis Air Force base nearby that makes its own kind of noise created by F16 jets flying in and out on a regular basis.The Vegas site also has a large open area in the speedway oval and even though there are so many stages Keith tells us,Find the best selection of high-quality collectible offshoremerchantaccount available anywhere. In terms of the DJs and what theyre playing, you can go from one stage to another in Vegas and you can lose the sound. All of the stages are facing in different directions with as much spread as possible between them, plus theres a carnival in the middle of the festival with rides and attractions. 

Insomniac is committed to having a true carnival and festival experience and they want it to be the biggest, best and the loudest. They always push the envelope in terms of how much they can give their fans, but we are often walking a fine line with the surrounding communities. As such, we have to control sound to the best of our ability.The sound control was a big part of MLAs initial appeal for us. And we really like where MLA is going in terms of control, ease of setup and quality of the boxes. Weve had a great experience with MLA so far and theres a very real application in other areas we are growing as well, such as corporate and TV broadcasting. 

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Last spring, McCrea cast the sole dissenting vote to oppose the school boards decision to grant a 65 percent, five-year property tax exemption on the 117-acre plot of land on Centerville Road C now known as the Unilever warehouse. He argued that the parcel didn't qualify as deteriorated, so the LERTA designation was invalid. He also argued that the five-year tax exemption schedule would cost the district more than $800,000 in revenue and would result in increased tax bills for school district residents.We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted cleanersydney on canvas. 

In other business, Superintendent Richard Fry reported that the districts Keystone Exam and PSSA results are in, and more information will follow at a meeting is September.He also reported that 174 students have registered for full-day kindergarten. Fry says this is on track with numbers reported over the last three years in July.Purchase an chipcard to enjoy your iPhone any way you like. He does not anticipate much change to the final number of students. 

Fry also reported to the board that the after school program proposed by Little Lambs will be delayed at least until January 2014 C he indicated that it might even be delayed until the 2014-15 school year. The daycare considered the proposal Fry presented, which he says they found agreeable, but their board is interested in delaying a decision to discuss with local churches. A sticking point for the daycare appears to be finding alternative locations when the school district is closed for weather delays or cancellations and in-service days. 

Directors approved a 2.2-percent salary increase for Assistant Superintendent Jeanne Temple. In the final year of her five-year contract, the directors approved the change to her contract according to the adjusted index set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 
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