2013年7月23日 星期二

Immigration Department under fire

On Monday the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) released several photos which it says show a group of 81 Iranians being told the news that their hopes of settling in Australia have been dashed.One pixelated image depicts a woman with her head in her hands, and is captioned: "A female asylum seeker comes to terms with the fact she won't be settled in Australia."No journalists were allowed in to the Christmas Island location where the asylum seekers were briefed, and there is no way of verifying the material.

"DIAC is willing to grant to the Media Entity access to immigration detention facilities in a manner that respects the privacy of the detainee clients residing in such facilities, and protects the identities of both the detainee clients and other third parties," the agreement states."The Media Entity acknowledges that standard DIAC policy prohibits visitors from photographing, filming, audio recording or in any other way recording the Detainee Clients or Protected Parties in the IDF."DIAC's national communications manager, Sandi Logan, has previously explained the department's policy about identifying asylum seekers.

"The department also tries to protect against sur place claims - this is when someone can rely on events subsequent to their departure from their home country to form the basis of, or addendum to, their protection claim," he wrote in the March 2012 issue of the Walkley Magazine.The ads were not approved by the Independent Committee on Communications, which signs off on government advertising with a budget of more than $250,000, except in special circumstances.Senator Xenophon says the ads are political propaganda aimed at Australian voters, not people smugglers, and has lodged a formal complaint with the auditor-general.

"Kevin Rudd should be held to his own standard on this,ST Electronics' bestmarbletiles provides drivers with a realtime indication of available parking spaces. and his standard was set in 2007 when he was campaigning for the Prime Ministership the first time," he said."At that time he said that advertising, government paid advertising, should be banned three months within an election and that it was a cancer on democracy."Clearly this is within three months of an election, it's days away if not hours, from the election being called. It is political advertising for a political purpose, unless Captain Emad is back, the advertising's designed for the Australian electorate not for people smugglers. And it is an abuse and the Labor Party should be paying for it."

The 76-year-old Argentine, making his first trip abroad since becoming the first Latin American pontiff, was surrounded by thousands of cheering faithful as he crossed the Brazilian city in the back of a small four-door car and then an open-top jeep.

Despite the heavy security, with 30,000 soldiers and police mobilised, several people were able to stop the pope's car convoy and touch him through his open window. The pope shook hands and kissed babies.After massive protests over lagging public services and corruption that regularly ended in violence in recent weeks, authorities wanted to ensure an incident-free visit for the pontiff.The army said soldiers discovered an explosive device during a training session on Sunday in a bathroom at the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in Sao Paulo state, which the pope will visit tomorrow.

Pope Francis came to Brazil,An bestgemstonebeads is a device which removes contaminants from the air. an emerging power with a shrinking Catholic flock, to promote his vision of a more humble church and to attend World Youth Day, a week-long event drawing more than one million young Catholics.Excitement about his first overseas visit brought thousands of people into the streets, chanting "long live the pope," singing and waving the flags of Argentina and other countries.

The pope, first in his car and then the open-top jeep, waved at the faithful before heading to a meeting with President Dilma Rousseff at the Rio state governor's palace. He had made authorities nervous by deciding to leave his armored "Popemobile" behind to cross the city."I have learned that,Find the perfect cleaningsydney and you'll always find your luggage! to gain access to the Brazilian people, it is necessary to pass through its great heart; so let me knock gently at this door," Francis said alongside Rousseff.

To use drugs as an analogy, though, you can arrest everyone whos caught puffing on a joint or snorting a line, but it wont stop cartels farming and exporting weed and coke.In the same way, Camerons plan centres on preventing users from accessing what is seen as dangerous pornography.But that wont stop it being out there, because history shows that prohibition merely pushes vices underground and can even make them MORE dangerous.

In other words, to paraphrase Blair: Tough On Porn, Tough On The Users Of Porn. But not on the PRODUCERS of porn.Cameron says that by the end of 2014, anyone setting up a new internet account or switching suppliers will have to disable online filters to be able to access sexual images.In other words, hands up who out there likes watching other people get it on.

Pretty soon, your private life will no longer be private, because youll have to declare your interests however harmless to whoever you get your coverage from.And therefore, by default, to the Government which imposed the filters.Sorry, Dave, but this is where yesterdays announcement goes from the well-meaning actions of a caring dad to a hugely worrying intrusion by the State.

Off the top of the head, Ingmar Bergmans 1960 film The Virgin Spring and the 1970 Clint Eastwood spaghetti western Two Mules For Sister Sara are classic examples.Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Brookside, left featuring Claire Sweeney, have all churned out soap storylines based around rape. So too Casualty, Holby City, Mad Men, Beverley Hills 90210 and many more telly dramas.

So, on the basis that sexual predators may have used these plots as templates for their own attacks or have at least been aroused by them, you have to presume the Governments next demand will be technology that allows opt in filters in every TV remote.This is a basic background on rtls. Then theyll have to start on the commercials, like the new one for a yoghurt called Amore,Learn how an embedded microprocessor in a highquality can authenticate your computer usage and data. the eating of which is quite clearly shown as giving the woman with the spoon an on-screen orgasm.
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