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Not ‘his-story’ but his ‘tale’

‘I have lived to tell the tale, I have lived to tell my story’, how many can have the joy of saying that at least knowing that there is a large faithful audience ready to listen to every word? Living to tell the tale is the autobiography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez who is, without, a doubt one of the literary figures of the times we know and have known to bequeath an incomparable literary legacy to the world.

Marquez’s Living to tell the tale is enchanting. It gives a startling revelation of the mad magic of ‘Macondo’ that unfolds in One Hundred Years of Solitude. The real location of Macondo, hidden in the hometown of his maternal line of the family described in the book is a fascinating place that time seems to have forgotten and left onto itself, where what is very much the real is something that seems from (as Marquez puts it) from another life, another world, another time.

The opulent house of the Buendias in One Hundred Years of Solitude, the life size saints, the candy animal baking avocation of Ursula the redoubtable matriarch, the little goldfish with gemstones placed as eyes made by Colonel Aureliano Buendia, and the astounding story behind the seventy chamber pots was all actually rooted right there in his own heritage, his own family’s history that became a rich legacy of memories to Marquez that was instrumental to attain his ‘writership’.

The literary technique of ‘Magical realism’ for which Marquez is world acclaimed is shown in Living to tell the tale as clearly impelled by his own vibrant and colourful life and the lunacies and idiosyncrasies that characterised it. According to the book, as a child Marquez seems to have had a propensity to interpret in his mind a meaning of his own about certain mundane occurrences that he keenly observed, being self aware of how an artistic perception was being formed for himself on through his senses. It shows how his psyche appropriated them and gave them certain exaggerations rendering meanings that were entertaining as well as introspective.

‘Papalelo’, Marquez’s grandfather seems to have been the rudiment inspiring the character of Colonel Aureliano Buendia – both ‘sowed wild oats’ and were civil war veterans. Marquez’s own father – ‘papa’ – seems to be the basis for Jose Arcadio Bunendia – the patriarch of the Buendias.I suppose it could be said that in desiring these magically real characters each would have been inspired by one actual person or the fusing of several into one. Real life persons whose character traits would have some interesting trait that could be exploited to be develop into being engaging, entertaining when blown up through exaggeration to make a larger than life ‘magical’ character. It seems Marquez’s approach would be to focus on some elemental character tenet that serves as the base to build the character on and these tenets could be of one or many real life persons.

When mapping One Hundred Years of Solitude through reading Living to tell the tale it seems the ‘magically real’ could be anything from the ‘unlikely’ to the ‘improbable’ to the downright ‘impossible’ by standards of scientific rationality.A woman, who lives to see great-great grandchildren like Ursula Buendia, seems an unlikelihood – but then Marquez’s own grandmother actually does. The blindness that doesn’t hinder Ursula’s movement through the house accredited to an enigmatic memory based on ‘mental navigation’ seems in the range of unlikely and improbable one could say. But a trickle of blood from a gunshot wound runs a course navigating its way to go all the way across town and to the presence of Ursula defies all known laws of physics, and the same goes for the flying carpet of the gypsies! Yet the scientific basis of what is possible and not in the real world is not the architect of Marquez’s Macondo. It is the openness to the possibility of the fantastic to make ‘What if?’ the credo to substantiate the ‘rationale’ of the fictionalising mind of the storyteller.

To be a great writer,We have a wide selection of dry cabinet to choose from for your storage needs. the kind that can ‘tell the tale’, it is imperative to possess an excellent memory. And the ability to recall one’s world of experience from days gone by and meditate on the past as to what it may signify to have moulded the present. Marquez clearly unfolds those revelations to the reader from his own life and work. A life and a body of work, that reworked into a world of its own, to be celebrated in the annals of current literature.

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