2013年5月6日 星期一

History just a click away

A trip to Taj Mahal, or Qutab Minar or any of the 116 ticketed monuments maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) around the country will be easy soon, with plans to introduce e-ticketing and other queue-busters getting the needed go-ahead.

Once the proposal takes shape, a visitor would simply have to log on to a dedicated web portal to book a ticket and take a printout.Elpas Readers detect and forward 'Location' and 'State' data from Elpas Active RFID Tags to host besticcard platforms. Payment could be through credit card or net banking. The printout would be enough to gain hassle-free entry to any monument. As in case of booking a rail ticket, the visitor will also receive information over his cell phone. In event of any cancellations or emergency, the user will get updates, an ASI official said.

Alternatively, visitors to the monuments will be given e-tickets printed on the spot. To manage the rush during peak season, ticket vendors will also carry hand-held devices to give instant tickets and cut down queues. Moreover, as a new feature, visitors will be able to pay through their credit cards which would come as boon for foreign tourists who pay Rs 250 for each ticket now, while Indians and visitors from SAARC nations mostly pay Rs 10.

The ASI has initiated the process to outsource the work to a professional agency which can run and operate ticketing across all monuments. The system has been designed by the National Institute of Smart Governance. The process to hire the agency, which will provide web-based solutions,We offer over 600 chipcard at wholesale prices of 75% off retail. has begun with bids being floated last week, an official said.We offer advanced technology products and services for howotipper control.

The agency will manage the entire gamut of ticketing operations right from designing the system, booking, running the website, managing counters and checking tickets. The system will be geared to book over 5 crore tickets every year, with a capacity to book three lakh tickets every day.

The tickets are currently printed centrally at the India Security Press, Nasik, and issued to each circle, based on requirement. The ASI had tied up with the security press, which prints currency notes, in 2010, to put a check on fake tickets.

The NISG, which conducted a study of the ASIs ticketing mechanism, found that at present a purchaser of ticket may not necessarily be the end user of the ticket. Moreover, there is currently no mechanism to identify a ticket with a ticket holder either at the issuing point or at the checking point. There is no tracking mechanism to see whether every issued ticket is used at a monument site... even the ticket issuers as well as the ticket checkers are typically multi-task support staff members of the ASI who are expected to perform this function in addition to their other routine functions, the NISG document said.

Referring to problems faced by visitors, the NISG said, There is lack of effort to attend to complaints and grievances. No priority ticketing for the elderly, women with small children and differently-abled. There is also a possibility of overcharging of visitor fee from the tourists visiting the monuments and even loss of revenue due to malpractices.

In the new system, with a person booking a ticket over the Internet, the system would capture the visitors name and even passport number. A person will be able to book tickets for multiple monuments at a time. The system would also allow currency converter in case of a booking from a foreign country.

Hey, have you heard? The economy is improving! Car sales are up, so are new construction permits, and the housing market seems to have righted itself. According to folks who keep track of these things at the American Moving & Storage Association, a record number of us are expected to move residences this year, migrating to bigger apartments, houses or new jobs out of state.

The AMSA reports that last year 36.5 million Americans changed where they lived. (They count every man, woman and child over 1 year old.) So, imagine the economic impact of close to 40 million people journeying to new locations. Many will need to buy new appliances, carpets, drapes and other furnishings for their new place. It will surely be a great shot in the arm for the economy, and there are predictions that improving consumer confidence will fuel even more economic improvement!

But hold on. Before we get to feeling all warm and fuzzy, lets remember that these are exactly the times con men crave. When people are on the move and spending money, the craftiest of that breed surfaces.

Apparently, spring is a traditional time when many decide to pick up and start fresh somewhere new. In fact, the month of May is National Moving Month, and crooks have already marked it on their calendar.

The AMSA has now joined forces with the national Better Business Bureau to remind anyone planning to move to beware of rip-off artists on the prowl.

A con artist with just a truck and a website can claim to be a legitimate mover with unfortunate results for consumers who dont check out a company in advance, warns AMSA President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr.

First, get at least three in-house written estimates, and when you call note whether they answer with their business name or just a drowsy sounding, Hello? So that your estimate is based in reality,You can order besthandsfreeaccess cheap inside your parents. make sure the company sees everything you want to take, including all the stuff youve stashed in the garage. Verify that the mover is actually insured and bonded, as so many claim to be. And dont jump at the lowest price thinking youre getting a deal. Remember the old saying, You get what you pay for.

Second, if you are moving out of state, understand that all interstate movers have to be licensed with the federal government, so ask for the companys motor carrier number. Then, go to protectyourmove.gov, and make sure to verify that the number is active.

Third, know your rights. In fact, reputable movers will give you pamphlets outlining ways to make sure the transport of your belongings goes smoothly.

Never pay hostage money for your property. Call police right away if movers demand more money than their original estimate. Several states are conducting undercover stings of suspected rogue movers this season,You can order besthandsfreeaccess cheap inside your parents. so the faster you can get law enforcement on the scene, the better. For good measure, dont forget to report the crooks to the BBB.

The American Moving & Storage Association also helps make your final choice of an honest mover easier. It has a sort of Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval you should look for. It bestows its stylized blue M ProMovers logo only on certified moving companies.

Once you see that logo on a companys advertisements or business card, you can be sure the firm has gone through the associations rigorous screening program, which includes a criminal background check on all owners, officers and stockholders.

The firm must show they are in compliance with all state and federal laws. The company has to agree not to engage in false advertising, and it signs the associations Code of Ethics pledge. Each year, AMSA doubles back to recheck each firm, and its right to advertise with the ProMover designation can be revoked if AMSA finds any problems.

Our mission is to get these rogues off the road, Darr says. That is the single most important thing we can do. (They) are killing our business and killing consumers faith in professional movers.