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A Better Than Average Bullying Program

Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in less than 175 lbs., Lance Parvin does not look like a stereotypical martial arts instructor. As a matter of fact some would say that he looks like a stereotypical bully victim. The latter cannot be farther from the truth because Parvin is well versed in several forms of martial arts, firearms, ground survival, close quarters combat and edged weapons. As a matter of fact he owns and manages a seasoned tactical self defense company and has trained the likes of airline personnel, military soldiers and law enforcement officers to name a few. Lance brings new meaning to the clich Watch out for the small guy. Being the small guy has brought him to where he is today and inspired him to dedicate his life to helping the small guy.

Bullying has been a hot and trending topic for quite some time now. Media reports mention countless cases of bullying spreading rapidly across America and showing no signs of slowing down. No matter your gender, age, race and background everyone has had an experience with a bully ranging from being the bully, to being confronted by a bully and even defending someone against a bully. Scores of people and companies are frantically scrambling to create services and products to cash in on bullying and unfortunately most end up lacking substance and practicality.

Recently Lance Parvins 501(c)(3) Nevada non-profit corporation, The Cultural Arts Training Foundation, launched the Childrens Empowerment Anti-Bullying Program and focused on providing substance and practicality. The classes have been welcomed by the Las Vegas community with a warm reception, so warm that the classes already have a waiting list over a month long according to some parents. Lance Parvin stepped away from an enthusiastic and energetic max-filled class with young faces to talk about his anti-bullying endeavor with the Las Vegas Informer.

I think the main way The Child Empowerment Program differs from other bullying programs is that we attack the problem from three angles: Verbal De-escalation, Realistic Self Defense and Team Mediation. The Verbal De-escalation section teaches children how to avoid confrontation and improve their communication through verbal drills with each other.A group of families in a north Cork village are suing a bestplasticcard operator in a landmark case.You Can Find Comprehensive and in-Depth carparkmanagementsystem truck Descriptions. If a confrontation cannot be avoided; we enter into the realistic self defense section. This part teaches children hands on control and defensive tactics to get out of the situation quickly and safely. The last section is what really makes our program stand out. Team mediation is meant to ensure that the student who was a victim does not become a victimizer now having a new skill set. We also work with the parents showing them warning signs of bullying and expressing the importance of communication with their children. In addition to Nevada we have affiliates in New Jersey.

First, the Hudson County executive sent one. A few weeks later, state Sen. Paul Sarlo wrote one. So did the mayor of Wallington. The words were the same, the letterhead different. The message was clear: We oppose all of your potential solutions for cleaning the highly contaminated Passaic River.

The form letter was given to the officials by a group of 70 companies considered potentially responsible for pollution in the river. The corporations have agreed to cooperate to develop a plan for cleaning up the waterway,You can order besthandsfreeaccess cheap inside your parents. but they dont like the federal governments ideas, which all involved agree could cost these and other companies hundreds of millions more.When describing the location of the problematic howotipper.

And at the same private meetings where they pitch their solution for cleaning up the river, public relations specialists hired by the companies have also invited municipal officials and community leaders to apply for grants they are offering to fund improvement projects, according to several people who attended. At some of the meetings, grant applications were handed out, they said.

What (the companies) are doing is misleading because its not a remedy that has sound science behind it, that has really been shown through modeling and science that it can be protective of human health, said Debbie Mans, the executive director of the NY/NJ Baykeeper. Theyre putting pressure on elected officials and community groups to support this remedy putting money into communities to bolster this support.

Some communities where officials sent letters opposing the EPAs plan have received grants from the companies or are being considered for funding, according to copies of letters to the EPA and a list of grants provided to The Star-Ledger.

Hudson County got $50,000 to help update its open space, recreation and historic preservation plan. Wallington applied for but has not received a grant to fund debris removal and river access improvements. As a state senator, Sarlo represents Lyndhurst and Rutherford, where the companies have made grants totaling $175,000.

Jonathan Jaffe, a spokesman for the corporations, said Mans contention that they are crossing a line by offering grants in their pitch to oppose the EPA plan is a mischaracterization.

Jaffe said the companies have a team of scientists who believe their solution is better than the ones considered by the EPA.We sell 100% hand-painted werkzeugbaus online. He said theres no quid pro quo groups that refused to support the companys cleanup plan have received grants, while some that do support it have not.

The companies have distributed grants totaling $630,000 to governments and community groups since October 2011, Jaffe said. The grant projects range from landscaping along the river in Rutherford to holding a series of free river tours for Newark residents.

Funding is given for projects that are tied to the river and will help improve the watershed, Jaffe said. There is a national debate about how best to address making rivers better.

The lower portion of the Passaic River, which slices through cities and suburbs in Passiac, Bergen, Essex and Hudson counties, is among the most contaminated waterways in the world. Its filled with a murky stew of cancer-causing chemicals that stretch for miles.