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Plants Vs Zombies 2 Achieves Killer

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is doing rather well, grabbing the attention of quite a considerable number of gamers. According to Popcap, the video games creators, the defense tower-esque game has ramped up an impressive 25 million downloads in just two weeks, far surpassing the number of units sold for the original games entire lifespan. But, could these killer download numbers reflect badly on the game publishers future business model?

There is a key difference between Plants Vs. Zombies and its sequel. In what would seem like a counter-intuitive move,Learn how an embedded microprocessor in a graniteslabs can authenticate your computer usage and data. EA has elected to release the sequel as a free to play video game.

Many would ask the question, why would EA release this game for free, when they could have made a pretty penny, by publishing the game with a price tag? Arguably, the game would not have been downloaded anywhere near as many times, had it not been free.

EA Games and Popcap made the conscious decision to release the game for free on mobile devices, with very good reason.We Engrave luggagetag for YOU. The mobile platform has grown substantially in recent years and EA Games, realizing this fact, is making a beeline for these users, temporarily casting aside its original PC gaming fanbase. The freemium model provides gamers with the software at no expense, but also includes the option for users to pay for microtransactions.

When taking into consideration that the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has already been downloaded 25 million times,He saw the bracelet at a indoortracking store while we were on a trip. in two weeks alone, consider the total number of downloads that EA and Popcap are likely to garner over the course of several years. If you thought these two weeks worth of downloads was a killer result, wait until the end of the fiscal year.

Although, initially it seems difficult to appreciate the mega-publishers business model, in the long term, they stand to, perhaps, make more money from this approach by inflating their player-base to astronomical proportions and then serving them with optional microtransactions.

This certainly wont please too many PC gamers, however, who made the original game a success to begin with; They have been excluded from the party, altogether, and an announcement for a PC version has not yet been officially confirmed.

Many will be asking the question, is it pay to win? The answer is a little bit of both. As with many of EAs other recent games, buying the microtransactions and powers that lie behind pay walls does provide the player with obvious advantages. However, the game is not insurmountable if you dont put in any money; it just demands that you work slightly harder for victory.

This does, however, raise the question of cheating. Players who pay for these advantages do receive a tangible benefit. Many years back, these cheats were free to find and enter into whatever gaming device that you had, at the time. Now, part of EAs new business model seems to center around carving out a feature that was simply taken for granted, and forcing their customers to dole out money to receive the code.

This also raises another contentious issue. Simply paying to beat a game, surely, defeats the purpose of the games inception to begin with? The challenge is what most gamers desire and, by artificially lowering the difficulty, you completely reshape the gamers experience.

Frankly, EA and Popcaps efforts have been geared towards making Plants Vs Zombies 2 more universally appealing. But, in doing so, they also run the risk of marginalizing their existing fanbase and hemorrhaging money from their core demographic. The question then must be asked, will the money they generate from their new target audience be greater than what they could have made from their previous one? Plants Vs. Zombies 2 may have made killer download figures, but they have yet to achieve a killer revenue.

The atmosphere was electric even before the gates opened, and when they did, fans clad in purple rushed in, whooping like the hordes that run with the bulls in Pamplona. Ushers snapped pictures as the baptism of the new $280 million stadium began. Even an hour before the game, fans were chanting Go, Huskies.

The main concourse is lined with pictures of iconic Husky moments, perhaps to fuel fan frenzy. Here you will find Warren Moon completing a pass to Spider Gaines to give Don James his first Apple Cup victory,Cheap custom printed logo chinatungstenjewelry at wholesale bulk prices.Are you still hesitating about where to buy paintingreproduction? Steve Emtman tearing apart the Arizona Wildcats, Sonny Sixkiller carving up the Purdue Boilermakers, and a tribute to the first Husky Stadium night game, when the noise level matched that of a fighter jet in historic Dawg win over Nebraska.

This renovation is will enhance Husky Stadiums reputation as the loudest in college football the place where the wave was invented and where USC quarterback Todd Marinovich said following a 31-0 Husky victory in 1990 that all he saw was purple.The sheet metal roofs are still there to deflect the roars of the crowd back down to the field, which was lowered four feet. Eliminating the track around the gridiron puts the fans nearly on top of the player benches. A new 108-foot-wide high definition screen on the Lake Washington end has taken away any semblance of openness in the old Husky Stadium.

The place is an echo chamber, and with the fans now in such close proximity to the field, opponents will get the feeling theyre about to be smothered in a purple sea. Fans may, too, when theyre stuck in slow-moving conmcession lines that even Husky tailback Bishop Sankey couldnt barge through.

The University has been trying to renovate the stadium for some time, saying that the south grandstand, built in 1950, especially needed replacing. A facelift also was part of recruiting strategy. First-class facilities have become paramount in the luring top athletes. Witness the revival of the Oregon Ducks since Phil Knight began pouring globs of his Nike fortune into the Oregon football program.

The Legislature, though, simply would not fund the $450 million proposal, perhaps fearing a backlash because tuition at UW had risen sharply the last four years. So the University undertook the project on its, financing the renovation with private donations and future stadium revenues. It is perhaps for this reason that UW athletic director Scott Woodard can boast of a renovation that did not get gaudy,though the new stadium does boast luxury suites and a 70,000-square-foot football operations center.
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