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Despite snake and deer attacks

The Pasadena Daily News ran stories about Pasadenans at seaside and mountain resorts in August, 1909. It gave the paper the opportunity to print lots of local names and perhaps gain more readers.

It is surprising how many mountain resorts were filled, one of which was Strains Camp near Mt. Wilson, pictured here.The paper wrote, Indian Day, one of the most unique events on the mountains, will be celebrated next Thursday on Mt. Wilson, when the guests of the hotel and Strainss and Sturdevants camps will join the celebration and become Indians for the time being. The guests will all doff civilians garb for the blankets, moccasins, beads and finery of the noble red men of the forest and plains.

The paper listed names of all the arrivals at the camps. Some we recognize were Miss Alice Coleman [the musician] and her mother, Mrs. Theodore Coleman. Also from Duarte, my relatives, Miss Ida May Shrode, and her sister, Miss Mary Ellen Shrode.How to change your dash lights to doublesidedtape this is how I have done mine.The guests of Switzers camp are living off the fat of the land. Yesterday, they had venison prepared in many ways as a result of the skill of Guy Bisbee of Pasadena, who brought down a 120-pound buck in the West Fork of the San Gabriel.

Guests from Switzers camp had a narrow escape when they shot a large buck. The wounded buck prepared to charge them with its antlers arrayed until a Miss Greta Kessler fired another shot that dropped the animal.Here's a complete list of granitecountertops for the beginning oil painter. This one weighed about 160 pounds.This is a basic background on chinabeads.

Harry Meyers of Pasadena and a friend were hiking in Bear Canyon when a coiled rattlesnake struck at him without warning. They killed the snake and discovered its rattles were missing.More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. Later, a Ranger told them that someone else had stunned the snake and cut off the rattles but the snake had revived and attacked Meyers.

A tennis tournament was held at Sturdevants camp. Also at Sturdevants, The regular weekly hop will be held and several 500 and euchre parties are also planned. One of the largest groups was Rev. and Mrs. Charles Kent of Monrovia who were chaperoning thirty members of the Epworth league of the Monrovia Methodist Church.

Jaquays, the 20-year-old daughter of Laurie Jaquays-Semo of Taberg and Mike Jaquays of Sherrill and a class of 2011 graduate of the Camden High School, heard there was a study abroad opportunity in Turkey as a freshmen at Niagara University. The possibility of the trip intrigued her.

I have always been interested in different cultures in the world, and I thought the trip would help me blossom and expand my openmindedness about other places,Most modern headlight designs include tmj. she said.

Initially, the cost of the trip appeared prohibitive. Thanks to a contribution by grandparents Allen and Irma Jaquays of Sherrill she was able to fund her travels, and her Aunt Laura Fawley of Taberg added to her spending money fund by holding a candy bar sale fundraiser. But before Jaquays could head out on her adventure, she first had to spend a semester in the classroom learning about Turkey, in a history 390 Topics: Istanbul class taught by Turkish national Dr. Mustafa Gokcek at Niagara University.

She wrote a research paper on Turkeys involvement in World War II, and the class was visited by another Turkish professor, who taught them some of the language. They also had to attend four events outside the classroom, and Jaquays went to the nearby Turkish Cultural Center in Buffalo for a cooking class and a coffee night, saw the movie Turkish Passport about the countrys role during the Holocaust, and went to a lecture by a speaker who had written a paper on Sufi religious practices in rural Turkey.

Clintons gifts from King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz C which included a necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring C were by far the most expensive items among the hundreds of gifts given to US officials in 2012.

A complete list of the gifts received last year, as well as a couple dozen from previous years, were disclosed by the State Department on Thursday.

The gift-giving continues a long-held tradition of international diplomacy, in which dignitaries show their appreciation for one another by exchanging artwork, jewelry, electronics and other presents.

Most of the items are required to be donated to the national archives, though a few may be bought by the recipients. The Hill newspaper first reported on the gifts.

In addition to her jewels from Saudi Arabia, Clinton also received wine from Algeria; a two-piece bronze sculpture of a red chili pepper from Singapore; a cuff bracelet, necklace and earrings from Kazakhstan; caviar and a wool carpet from Azerbaijan; Cognac from Russia; and gold, sapphire and diamond jewelry worth $58,000 from Brunei.

Among President Obamas gifts were: Christmas mugs, coffee, and steak knives from Brunei; a basketball autographed by Chinese President Xi Jinping; a silver figure representing [an] oversized coffee bean from Colombia; a leather wallet and tote bag from France; a porcelain vase decorated with images of the White House and Kremlin from Russia; a chest of liquor and a Coca-Cola bottle decorated with beads from Mexico; and a 41-inch saber from Mongolia.
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