2012年12月24日 星期一

Bmore gets braggy

If we weren't opening a Ripley's "Odditorium," we were putting historic landmarks up for sale. When we weren't helping John Waters hitchhike across the country, we were hoarding Twinkies. We enjoyed watching the mids' "Gangnam Style" more than we'll admit, and we held our breath as Nik Wallenda tightroped the Inner Harbor.

The Ravens were in the Super Bowl!! OK, technically, not exactly. But you should have seen it,This document provides a guide to using the ventilation system in your house to provide adequate fresh air to residents. our faces all but reflecting in the Vince Lombardi trophy, and perhaps also a few flecks of our saliva. Then there was the tiny, hardly noticeable matter of a missed kick. ... Did we mention that Billy moved away? Bless his heart.

Buck, Adam, Matt, Manny and the gang did us proud, reminding us of what a winning season feels like and also how to get to Camden Yards. Orioles magic! And the hot dog race? It had nothing on the park's newest attraction: streaker races!

Over the summer we hosted a smashing event — we're pretty sure we saw you there. The Star-Spangled Sailabration. Tall ships! Blue Angels! Thousands of visitors! Oh, and we also had that Grand Prix again. Yup.

We had the best time toying with the national media this spring after news broke that one of three winning tickets in that massive, unbelievable, record-setting Mega Millions drawing was bought right here. They said the real winners were three teachers who aren't giving up their names. We still think it's that McDonald's lady.

Speaking of betting, we got a casino upgrade! Instead of a Harrah's, we're now getting a Horseshoe. That's kind of like getting a Gap instead of an Old Navy. In any case, we'll soon be playing poker and blackjack — what happens in Baltimore stays in Baltimore! Woo hoo!

Our hearts swelled to watch our homegrown Aquaman, Michael Phelps, become the most decorated Olympian of all time. We were especially proud that unlike that other one, he wasn't wearing a grill.

Archaeological opportunity abounded as sinkholes cracked one city street open after another. Light Street. Fleet Street. A monster on Monument nearly swallowed Johns Hopkins Hospital. What lies beneath? Dirt, rotting pipes and sometimes stinky gas. Excavation revelation!

When Hollywood went looking for the nation's capital, we continued to be the location of choice — certainly at least the second choice. "VEEP" smartly opted for our Washington Monument instead of that over-exposed one down the street. And when "House of Cards" wanted political intrigue, where better, where cheaper, than Bolton Hill? #winning

Everyone sends their best from City Hall. Our top officials have worked hard this year to turn yawner Board of Estimates meetings into must-see TV. Madam Mayor. Mr. Vice President. The honorable comptroller. Barely speaking, shooting disdainful glances at one another and booting one another from the city's Ravens game skybox. Watch out, HBO — we're on cable now too!

The most recent experience and what may be termed ‘a Sri Lankan success story’ is what took place in the aftermath of the biggest operation launched by the Sri Lanka Security Forces in May 2009 that ended the near thirty years armed conflict in the country involving a group – the LTTE. The first step was the establishment and handling of reception centres which received the displaced civilians, administration of those who arrived at the reception centres, the establishment and management of secure relief villages for the internally displaced persons followed by the implementation of a master plan for the reconstruction of the Northern Province and the return and resettlement of the IDPs to their own homes is an experience Sri Lanka can be proud of.Directory ofchina glass mosaic Tile Manufacturers,

The immediate challenge for the government of Sri Lanka was to look after the displaced civilians numbering over 250,000. The territory had been in the control of LTTE for nearly a quarter of a century and had to be made secure to ensure safety.If you have a fondness for china mosaic brimming with romantic roses, It was also necessary to be alert to the probability of LTTE cadres attempting to evade capture by posing as IDPs. The identification of such persons became complicated since they were mingling with the IDPs.One of the most durable and attractive styles of flooring that you can purchase is ceramic or porcelain tiles. Quick action was required to put in place necessary arrangements to care for the displaced. Considering the very real security threat, accommodating the IDPs in the relief villages was the most efficient and safe option.

From mid 2008 civilians from LTTE controlled areas were entering government controlled areas. The government anticipated large exodus of people from the LTTE controlled areas when it defeats the LTTE and was preparing to locate them in suitable areas. The idea of keeping IDPs in one area with all necessary facilities was conceptualized as the number of people fleeing out of LTTE controlled areas had increased since 2008. By the end of 2008 there were nearly 48,000 IDPs accommodated in several welfare centres in Jaffna, Mannar and Vavuniya districts. It was decided that the location chosen should be in an area which could provide basic facilities and not far from a township, so that anyone could get there within a short space of time. Facilities considered necessary included sufficient accommodation, food, health services, water, transport,Thank you for visiting! I have been cry stalmosaic since 1998. and most importantly protection of IDPs from any probability of threat.

Having taken all those necessities into consideration, the area known as ‘Menik Farm’ was selected as the suitable location to accommodate IDPs. It is only 22Km away from Vavuniya town and accessible from Vavuniya in 30-40 minutes. The large extent of land in Menik Farm avoided congestion and in turn was conducive to prevent communicable diseases. By the time the mass exodus of displaced civilians commenced 85-100 acres of land in Menik Farm had been cleared and semi permanent shelters had been constructed and further 900 acres had been identified for clearance to establish sufficient number of relief villages. The Sri Lanka Armed Forces, particularly the Sri Lanka Army took the lead role, in this emergency humanitarian effort.

The influx of IDPs was about 80,000 per day towards the last stages of the operation. Sri Lanka was able to cope with the arrival of 80,000 people on the first day and another 100,000 in the week that followed. Immediately upon arrival in the government controlled areas the civilians had to be provided with food and shelter and if required medical attention.

Thereafter they had to be provided transportation to safe areas. This, invariably, took a day or two. However, within 5-7 days time, IDPs were processed and accommodated. Family members being accommodated together as far as possible. Until sufficient accommodation was made available, the government took all government schools and institutions in Vavuniya District with large buildings and accommodated IDPs in the 28 centres and thereafter transferred them to the relief villages set up in Menik Farm.

Administrative arrangements – The government took over the responsibility for the management of the welfare villages and took full control over all activities and its efforts were adequately supported by UN agencies and INGOs. The contribution of the Sri Lanka Army in overall management, supervision and maintenance of security has been a major contributory factor for the efficient and successful management of the relief villages.